Holly Willoughby’s best Halloween costumes – from the fun to the freaky

We've had a look at Holly's best Halloween outfits since 2011

holly willoughby halloween outfits

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She might not be the queen of daytime television after quitting This Morning but Holly Willoughby certainly is the queen of Halloween. Over the years Holly has given us some awesome Halloween looks, covering everything from classic and sexy to downright terrifying.

One thing about Holly is that she doesn't do Halloween by halves and always commits fully to her looks, transforming herself with impressive hair, make-up and costumes.

So, with Halloween fast approaching, lets take a look back on some of Holly's best costumes to give us a bit of much-needed inspo.

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Holly Willoughby's best Halloween costumes

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CREDIT: Instagram / hollywilloughby

Wednesday Addams - 2022

In 2022, Holly dressed up as Wednesday from The Addams Family and nailed the spooky character.

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CREDIT: Instagram

Miss Scarlet - 2021

In 2021, Holly wow'ed us with her take on the character of Miss Scarlet from the classic board game Cluedo.

Dorothy - 20193 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram: @hollywilloughby

Dorothy - 2019

Back in 2019, Holly and the rest of the This Morning crew dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz. Of course, Holly took on the role of Dorothy - ruby slippers and all.

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CREDIT: Instagram / hollywilloughby

Morticia Addams - 2018

On Celebrity Juice in 2018, Holly embodied matriarch Morticia Addams from the Addams Family. With a black wig to complete the look, our favourite TV presenter looked completely unrecognisable.

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CREDIT: Instagram / hollywilloughby

Zombie unicorn - 2017

In 2017, Holly and Phillip Schofield definitely won Halloween with their iconic outfits. Holly opted for a zombie unicorn and looked amazing (even her make-up is giving us major goals).

Wonder Woman - 20176 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram: @hollywilloughby

Wonder Woman - 2017

Although Wonder Woman is an incredibly popular costume, Holly put her own spin on the character with a spooky make-up look. Although Wonder Woman isn't known for being a scary character, with her use of dark contact lenses, Holly looked the picture of Halloween.

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CREDIT: Instagram / hollywilloughby

Wonder Woman - 2017

And here's a proper look at Holly's entire outfit - she looks incredible.

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CREDIT: Instagram / hollywilloughby

Lydia Deetz - 2016

In 2016, Holly, alongside the rest of This Morning, dressed up as characters from the iconic movie Beetlejuice. Holly wore Lydia Deetz's red wedding dress and she was joined by Phil who dressed up as the man himself.

Tinkerbell - 20169 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram: @hollywilloughby

Tinkerbell - 2016

For Jonathan Ross's famous Halloween party, Holly went as Tinkerbell, or as she called her, Tinkerhell. In classic Holly fashion, she added a slit throat detail and fake blood. What more inspo could we need?

Harley Quinn - 201610 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram: @hollywilloughby

Harley Quinn - 2016

Holly was on a roll for Halloween back in 2016 and for her costume on Celebrity Juice, she went for the classic Harley Quinn. At the height of Suicide Squad's popularity, this was a great choice from Holly who even committed to the pink and blue hair look.

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CREDIT: Instagram / hollywilloughby

Spooky Alice in Wonderland - 2015

Back in 2015, Holly looked extra spooky dressed as Alice in Wonderland.

Unzipped face - 201212 of 13

Unzipped face - 2012

Again for Jonathan Ross's Halloween party, Holly's look is possibly her best to-date. With just a simple black outfit and wig, Holly let the terrifying makeup take centre stage.

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Skeleton - 2011

In 2011, Holly shared a photo on X (back when it was still Twitter) where she was rocking a black bob, skeleton print sweater and red lip.

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