Amy Hart shows off new teeth and they’re very white 😄

She's been showing off her new smile on social media

Amy Hart

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Love Island’s Amy Hart has taken to social media to show off her reworked smile after treating herself to a brand new set of veneers.

The former air stewardess, who quit the villa after being dumped by Curtis Pritchard, previously only had veneers on her middle teeth but had the procedure done to “widen” her smile.

Amy took to her Instagram story to unveil the results of her dental work, which was carried out by one of London’s leading cosmetic dental experts, and explained why she had the treatment to her 1.2million followers.

Amy Hart new teeth

“So, here is the final product of my teeth. I wanted to still keep the character,” she said as she beamed into the camera.

“I didn't want to look like I have a bright white mouth guard, and I wanted to widen my smile out. I think you can all agree it has... so thank you Dr Richard.”

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Rylan Clark before1 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Rylan Clark before

Rylan's had quite the transformation since his 2012 X Factor days but the biggest change is definitely his teeth.

Rylan Clark after2 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Rylan Clark after

After finding fame on Signed by Katie Price, the X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother, Rylan got veneers. He's since toned them down because at one point they were VERY bright.

Emma Watson before3 of 18
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Emma Watson before

Just like the rest of us, Emma Watson's teeth were... normal back in her Harry Potter days. Bless her.

Emma Watson after4 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Emma Watson after

Unlike a lot of other celebrities who have had quite a transformation since they first found fame (no shade), Emma pretty much looks the same. Although she's definitely straightened a whitened her teeth.

James Arthur before5 of 18
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James Arthur before

James Arthur wowed everyone with his voice back in 2012 so much so that he only went on to win the X Factor.

James Arthur after6 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

James Arthur after

Fast forward and he's only gone and got new teeth; they're looking whiter and brighter and judging by this snap he looks much happier.

Niall Horan before7 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Niall Horan before

Aww teenage Niall Horan was very cute. This snap was taken shortly after he found fame on the X Factor back in 2011.

Niall Horan after8 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Niall Horan after

Not only has his hair colour changed but his pearly whites looks a little different too. Niall didn't get veneers though, he got braces like the rest of us average folk.

Cheryl before9 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Cheryl before

We're absolutely obsessed with Cheryl's makeup here (can you blame us?). Also after seeing this throwback snap it's very clear that she's had quite the transformation with her teeth...

Cheryl after10 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Cheryl after

The glam Chezza we know and love looking gorgeous in 2019. We're very jealous of her straight white teeth - fancy giving us your dentist's details, Chez?

tulisa before11 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Tulisa before

Another celebrities makeup we're obsessed with? Tulisa. She's definitely made quite the transformation since her N-Dubz days.

tulisa after12 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Tulisa after

Long gone after her natural teeth and hello bright white and straight teeth. We're also loving the hair in this picture.

Victoria Beckham before13 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham before

Has Victoria Beckham ever looked happier? This snap was taken back in 1997 when she and the rest of the Spice Girls met Nelson Mandela.

Victoria Beckham after14 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham after

It's actually quite the task trying to find a photo of Victoria Beckham smiling WITH her teeth showing. However here's a glimpse at her new pearly whites.

Mel C before15 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Mel C before

This adorable snap was taken back in 1997. Very weird when you see a celeb looking very normal and relatable - her teeth, crop top and huge tattoo on the arm.

Mel C after16 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Mel C after

The Spice Girls finally reunited in 2019 and here's a photo of Mel C rocking her fabulous new teeth.

Miley Cyrus before17 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus before

OMG. Miley Cyrus - aka Hannah Montana - looks so cute in this photo. Look at her little teeth - bless her.b

Miley Cyrus after18 of 18
CREDIT: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus after

After leaving her Disney persona behind her, shaving the sides of her hair and twerking on stage, Miley has changed quite a bit over the years. We love this photo purely for the pose and of course her fancy teeth.

The 27-year-old previously admitted to being “unhappy with [her] teeth for years” after spending a whopping £13,000 on having her first set of veneers done before she found fame on Love Island.

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WATCH Amy and Joanna spill the tea on their 'day off' in the villa | Love Island Secrets

Opening up about her smile on social media last year, she wrote, “To everyone who has taken time out of their day to point out my flaws - thank you. I know you probably think that the comments you make about my appearance don’t get read, well they do - and they hurt.

“Not just me, but my friends and family, too. I’ve seen so many comments telling me to get my teeth fixed, and they’ve been heard. Loud and clear. I’ve actually been unhappy with them for years, but I haven’t really been in a position to get them sorted out.”

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In other Love Island news, Amy’s fellow 2019 Islander Joanna Chimonides has announced her latest venture and it’s very exciting.

Her relationship with Michael Griffiths might not have worked out since they left the villa but her career is certainly on the up as she’s bagged a role as the co-host of BBC podcast The Reality Tea.

Confirming the exciting news she wrote on Instagram, "ANNOUNCEMENT!! I can finally announce I am the NEW CO-HOST of @bbcradio1 Reality Tea Podcast! EEEK!! 💜".

She went on, "This has to be up there with one of my biggest achievements!! I am so ready for this new adventure!! @pilarofsociety I hope you’re ready 😉👏🏻

"OUR FIRST EPISODE will be available on @bbcsounds today !! LETS DO THIS! 💜 #therealitytea".

On the podcast, Joanna and her co-host Pilar will interview reality TV stars who will spill the tea on what the TV show they starred on is really like.

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