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Fans of Made In Chelsea will always remember Alex Mytton. He was one of the biggest personalities on the series and was a mainstay of the show, from when he joined in 2013 to his recent departure. During his time, he a key player in some of the biggest DRAMAs, from his tumultuous relationship with Binky Felstead to his various flings with other co-stars.

Now the reality star has opened up and exposed a huge secret about his time on the show.

During a lie detector test on the Private Parts podcast, that he hosts alongside Jamie Laing, Alex was asked, "Did you cheat on Binky Felstead more times than you let on?"

While Alex answered, "No", it turns out he was lying and the lie detector test revealed that he actually had cheated more times than he admitted on the show.

Following the results he said, "F--k. Dammit."

While Alex and Jamie went on to laugh, he then added, "We shouldn't laugh about this, it was a traumatic time."

That's a bit of an understatement, poor Binky got cheated on throughout series seven. However after it came to light that Alex had an orgy, Binky slapped him round the face.

Fast forward several years and it turns out Binky is well and truly over the drama and in 2020, Alex admitted that they're "totally sweet now, really good friends".

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In more Alex Mytton related news, we thought we'd do a deep dive into what he has been up to since leaving the show.

Who is Alex Mytton?

Alex Mytton is a reality TV star. He first achieved fame in 2013 when he joined the cast of the Channel 4 reality show Made in Chelsea. He attended Wandsworth College, later going to Oxford Brookes University where he studied history.

Outside of reality TV, Alex is also a DJ and producer. He released his first single, ‘Electric’ with Julia Biel, in 2014. He also posts Private Parts podcast alongside Jamie.

How old is Alex Mytton?

Alex was born on 14 June 1991, meaning he is currently 30 years old.

When was Alex Mytton on Made in Chelsea?

Alex joined MIC back in 2013 during the fifth series of the show. He joined the show alongside sisters Fran and Olivia Newman-Young and his ex girlfriend Phoebe Lettice-Thompson.

After eight years on MIC, Alex left in 2021 during series 21 of the show.

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What happened with Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead?

For a while Alex and Binky looked to be the perfect couple, and they dated for two years. However after Alex's constant cheating, it became too much for Binky and they split in an explosive showdown.

Does Alex Mytton have a girlfriend?

Alex is currently dating Model Georgina Howard. The pair have been dating since 2018 and by all accounts seem to be going strong.

In the past he dated fellow MIC stars Nicola Hughes and Jess Woodley, and model Lottie Moss. In her autobiography, Brand New Me, Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby revealed she had a one-night stand with Alex when they were on holiday in Cannes at the same time.

What does Alex Mytton look like now?

Alex looks almost unrecognisable from the MIC character we know and love. For a start his hair looks completely different. He's gone for short bleached blonde hair.

What's Alex Mytton up to now?

Alex hosts the Private Parts podcast alongside fellow MIC star Jamie Laing.

The podcast started in 2017 and was originally hosted just by Jamie. The podcast features interviews with a variety of celebs, ranging from MIC star Maeva Dascanio, to former Love Island star Wes Nelson.

According to Alex's LinkedIn profile, he has been working as Head of Brand Partnerships at Jukebox PR since 2021, and as an Ambassador for Orca Sound Project since 2019.

Who is Alex Mytton's family?

Alex is very private about his family, meaning not much is known about them. In 2019 he revealed that his mum had tragically passed away after a brief battle with brain cancer.

He announced the news on Instagram by sharing a photo of his mum. He wrote, "I’m not usually very good at expressing myself on here emotionally or maybe just in general but I’m gonna attempt to make an exception.

"Last week I had to say goodbye to my mum for the last time. After fighting, what now seems like a brief battle with brain cancer my mum finally succumbed to the disease.

"You really were the kindest, most caring, beautiful all-round woman and undoubtedly the biggest force for good in my life. I owe you infinitely for shaping me to be the man I am today. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that life was going to be a struggle without you, and despite thinking I was mentally prepared for the inevitable when the inevitable actually came it hit me harder than I could have ever imagined."

He added, "Now as I look ahead in a life without you I want you to know that that subconscious presence lives on and really I just want to say thank you so much for being an amazing mother to me, for showing me total compassion and love, and although there is still a lot I wanted you to get to see I will never forget the memories we made, I will always love you and yes I will probably always 'need you'. Rest in Peace Mumma xxx ❤️❤️".

Fellow MIC stars also paid tribute, commenting on the post. Oliver Proudlock wrote, "So sorry for your loss my man. Thinking of you and your family. Let’s cherish the memories, and continue to make em proud."

Alex's ex Binky also commented writing, "She was an incredible woman, [I] loved her & know she’s watching down on you all very proud Xxxxx sending so much love bub @alexmytton ❤️".

Does Alex Mytton have instagram?

He does - you can follow him @alexmytton.

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