Charlotte Crosby now: how the Geordie Shore star transformed her party lifestyle

From the 'toon to a bona-fide fitness empire

Charlotte Crosby now

by Marianna Manson |

It's hard to believe that the Charlotte Crosby who first barrelled onto our screens back in 2011 is the same woman at the helm of her own fitness empire just ten short years later. From her acclaimed fitness DVD 3 Minute Belly Blitz in 2014 to her 2017 follow up book 30 Day Blitz and a new app, Blitz and Burn, it's safe to say she's utterly transformed her life from one of Geordie Shore's hardest partying radgies to the ultimate #fitspo.

What's Charlotte Crosby doing now?

Speaking of prioritising fitness on launching her Blitz n Burn app with trainer David Souter, Charlotte told Closer in 2022, "I feel really good in myself. Not just with how I look, but with how I feel mentally. Exercise gives you these endorphins and you can’t help but feel great.

"I think people assume that I don’t like partying any more, but I absolutely do! I still love a night out with my friends, getting smashed and eating takeaways. I think I’ve just found a good balance – I can do that, but I also make sure I get enough workouts in the week and eat healthily on the whole.


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"Saying that, though, I’m doing ‘Dry January’ and it’s really needed. I had a crazy December, I was out most nights and I ate far too much McDonald’s. So I’ll probably put healthy eating and fitness first this month, but in general it’s just balance."

Charlotte Crosby's boyfriend

She may have had a rocky love life, with ill-fated high profile relationships with fellow reality stars Gary Beadle, Stephen Bear and Joshua Ritchie AND two stints on Celebs Go Dating, but after dropping some serious hints she'd found a new fella with a series a cryptic Instagram posts, Char's now confirmed she's more loved up than ever with driver Jake Ankers.

She told us, "I’m very happy and excited about 2022. I’m feeling great, but I’m going to keep things private with him for the time being. I’d love to share him with everyone at some point, but we’re both really enjoying where we’re at right now. It’s early days and I don’t want to put pressure on it."

She added, "Things are going great with us so far. I’m a really active person, and so is he, so we’ve planned lots for January. We’re going go-karting, snowboarding at one of those indoor ski centres and we’re going to do Total Ninja – this obstacle course thing in Manchester. I can’t wait."

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Charlotte Crosby's ex-boyfriends

As a fresh-faced 18 year old un-corrupted by booze (maybe), Charlotte vowed she "would never kiss anyone without a six pack" when she first appeared on Geordie Shore, and following her love life – and stellar career – over the best part of a decade, she's certainly a woman of her word (although we had our doubts about Mitch). It's fair to say she's had her fare share of heartbreak, and wasted a few too many years pining after Gaz and his parsnip. But it was good while it lasted (sometimes), so we're looking back over Char's past lovers for a trip down a distinctly blurry memory lane...

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Charlotte Crosby's age

Charlotte Crosby is 31 years old - she was just 19 when she joined the cast of Geordie Shore in 2011.

Charlotte Crosby before

It's fair to say that Charlotte was one of the hardest-partying the Geordie Shore house in the early 2010s. While all eight of the OG's had their fair share of wild nights out, it was only Charlotte who would wet the bed after one too many drinks.

But still, Charlotte 1.0 will always have a special place in our hearts: how could you not love this face?

Charlotte Crosby now
Charlotte circa 2011 ©MTV

Charlotte Crosby's podcast

Like any reality celeb worth their salt (and following in the footsteps of her former Geordie Shore co-star Vicky Pattison) Charlotte has own podcast, called Values and Vibes, which she launched in 2021.

The podcast, which ran for just eight episodes and is hosted by UK Podcasts, is described: "From having your lady bits splashed all over international television to dealing with heart break in public, this is Queen Crosby at her best… raw and unfiltered."

Charlotte Crosby's fitness app

"I have used a combination of different fitness apps and there have been things that I love about them and things that I don’t love and think that could be done better," Charlotte told the Express in January 2022.

"So when I was putting my app together I put all of my ideas together. The app has a very ‘social media vibe,’ a one stop shop of everything so you don’t have to leave the app to try and find something else. You can upload photos, upload a status and give people virtual high fives. You can just cheer everyone on and motivate people, and honestly, the support in the community section alone is mind blowing."

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