Louise Thompson tweets about cheating after cancelling wedding

The Made in Chelsea star has posted some cryptic messages - but who are they about?

Louise Thompson

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Engaged Louise Thomspon has taken to Twitter to post a cryptic message about getting cheating on, leaving fans wondering if there is trouble in paradise for her and fiancé Ryan Libbey.

But friends of the pair have been quick to leap in and say that the pointed messages are pointing...elsewhere.

Louise and Ryan have been a power couple since getting together in 2016, with their relationship playing out on Made In Chelsea.

They got engaged in August 2018 but postponed their winter 2019 wedding, with Louise saying it “wasn’t the right time” to tie the knot.

Yesterday, Louise posted, “I'm proud of my heart. It's been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken... somehow still works.”

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Most iconic Made in Chelsea moments

millie mackintosh1 of 10
CREDIT: Made in Chelsea Youtube

Millie Mackintosh slapping a cheating Spencer Matthews

Millie's fiery personality came up with the goods in series four. After discovering slimy Spencer was cheating on current girlfriend, Louise Thompson, Millie and Rosie (pre-'friendship' speech, obvs) confronted Spence and gave him a big old slap. Followed by a dramatic storm off, this has got to be one of the most memorable moments in the show's history.

Lucy watson2 of 10
CREDIT: Made in Chelsea Youtube

Lucy Watson's 'grill'

How can we forget out favourite sassy SW3 resident Lucy Watson? Her entrance in series four was not a quiet one. What better way to bond than over a Champagne-filled dinner party? Maybe not. After attracting negative attention from the other Made in Chelsea ladies for going on simultaneous dates with Jamie Laing and Andy Jordan, the infamous dinner party culminated in Lucy asking why everyone was 'getting up in her grill'.

Francis Boulle3 of 10
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Francis Boulle's 'knob' mask

Rosie isn't one to shy away from the action, but her in-the-moment insults could use some work. After a heated discussion at a masquerade ball in series one, Rosie's memorable comeback for Francis's comments was: "Francis, your mask looks like you've got a knob on your face." Although it's not the wittiest insult she could've thought up, she's not wrong.

Josh Patterson4 of 10
CREDIT: Made in Chelsea Youtube

JP's 'fcking good guy' speech

Made in Chelsea viewers were quite concerned about Josh Patterson's forehead veins after his memorable argument with Ollie Locke in series 12. In an angry outburst at Ollie's concern for Binky, JP erupts with his famous line: "I'm a fcking good guy. My parents raised me well. I'm a gentleman." A gentlemen who's very concerned about his girlfriend feeding other men marshmallows, apparently.

Mark Francis5 of 10
CREDIT: Made in Chelsea Youtube

Mark Francis not knowing what Nando's is

Bless him. After hearing that Nando's is not, in fact, a wine bar, but a chain restaurant that sells chicken, Mark gives us his best disappointed-cum-regal look. After hearing that Nando's can actually be a date venue (the horror) he said: "He took her for chicken? What a lovely first date."

Victoria Baker-Harber6 of 10

Victoria Baker-Harber calls Cheska Hull a 'fat fcking turkey'

You can't blame her for not sticking with the festive theme. Would it really be a Made in Chelsea Christmas without a massive Champagne-fuelled argument over the dinner table? Series six was particularly spectacular, with arguments between Victoria, Cheska Hull and Lucy Watson culminating in Victoria calling Cheska a 'fat fcking turkey'. Not cool.

Gabriella Ellis7 of 10
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Gabriella Ellis's weird Ollie Locke lookalike video

You've just broken up with your boyfriend and you're heartbroken, what's the first thing you do? Make a music video and hire six actors who look extremely like your ex. No? Well, that's exactly what Gabriella Ellis did after her emotional breakup with Ollie Locke and the results were pretty weird.

Millie Mackintosh8 of 10

Millie Mackintosh's 'friendship' speech

Millie has had plenty of fiery encounters on the show, one of our favourites is her infamous speech in the finale of the second series. At the uber-glam twenties themed party, Millie said: "to my best friend, Rosie Fortesque, for hooking up with Hugo Taylor while we were still together, and lying about it. Here's to friendship."Then, storming past her former-friend Rosie, Millie says: "You're disgusting". Ouch.

Binky Felstead9 of 10

Alex Mytton's 'orgy'

Ah, the classic breakup reason - cheating on your girlfriend by having an orgy. In the previous episode, Binky asked Alex to promise he had 'only cheated on [her] four times', and to her dismay, she finds out this time he not only cheated on her again, but this time in an orgy. What followed was an extremely hard slap and many tears. Poor Binks.

Eliza Batten Verity Bowditch10 of 10
CREDIT: Made in Chelsea Youtube

James Taylor taking Eliza Batten to Paris

These Made in Chelsea boys never learn, do they? In classic Chelsea style, James Taylor decided to take Eliza Batten to Paris on a date on a Monday (casual), while also dating Kings College London student, Verity Bowditch. The pair confronted him at a party, where it also transpired that he had tried to woo them both by inviting them to see his plane. Bit awkward.

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Fans flooded the thread with messages of concern, with one writing, “Hope you're okay @LouiseAThompson we are Aries and sensitive but also strong once our trust has been broken that’s it for us we move on remember what’s meant for you won’t pass you lots of love.”

“No one deserves to be treated like that Louise. Sending much love,” said another, while a third wrote, “It will make you stronger I promise. Stay true to being graceful and your lovely self x”.

Others pointed out that Louise actually cheated on her ex-boyfriend, New Yorker Alik Alfus, with one commenting, “Karma always gets back to people. Didn’t you cheat?”


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However, earlier today Louise uploaded a cosy video of her and Ryan making lunch together, and a source told us that things were “really great” between them and that the tweet was "actually aimed at a friend”, so basically, we’re as confused as you are.

Last summer Louise’s little brother Sam was insistent that she and Ryan were on good terms, despite her calling off their wedding,telling Closer that they were “honestly better than ever”.

“Louise is fine – if they have cancelled their wedding, it’ll be because they’re very busy. That frightened me, reading that. I was like, ‘What the hell?’ But they’re so busy at the moment and their business is flying.”

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