Made in Chelsea’s Maeva D’Ascanio and James Taylor share baby news following cheating scandal

The pair also announced their engagement two weeks ago


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Made in Chelsea's Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor have announced that they are expecting their first child, just months after James kissed another women behind his girlfriend's back on a night out in toff hotspot Raffles.

The pair, who have been together for three years on and off, recently announced their engagement after Maeva was knocked back by James when she decided to propose to James on the latest season of the E4 show, but he turned her down. After Maeva forgave him, James got down on one knee in Paris.

They announced their baby news to HELLO! magazine, with Maeva telling the publication, "All my dreams are coming true at the same time.

"I still don't believe it! It's all amazing - I just want to enjoy it all as much as I can."

Whilst the majority of fans congraulated the pair on their happy news, some were quick to realise that James could have cheated on Maeva when she was already pregnant, as she is due in November.

One tweeted, "Does this mean he cheated on her whilst she was pregnant 🤦‍♀️."

Another added, "I didn’t expect this!!!"

One more wrote, "So all the MIC drama was fake then? 🤣 if not it looks like this engangement is doomed 😶🤐."

The fallout from the proposal and cheating scandal was shown on the most recent episodes of the hit E4 series, but it look like the drama is behind them.

Two weeks ago, Maeva revealed to Daily Mail that they are in fact engaged, with James proposing away from the cameras on a recent trip to Rome.

She confirmed the news, saying, "I can't believe I am actually engaged!

"Being engaged to the man of my dreams is amazing. It's a different love, it's stronger, it's deeper. I feel safe."

James added, "It feels like I have everything I have ever wanted. I now have that secure feeling that this is my woman forever."

The news has left fans of the couple BEWILDERED as it comes so soon after the cheating scandal and many have taken to Maeva's social media to express that she definitely deserves better.

One fan wrote, "Why would u get engaged someone who kissed another girl😂😂."

Another said, "Get rid of the boy how many times can someone put up with it. The knobhead is a fool absolutely punching should be the other way round."

Fans have also expressed that the whole situation just shows how reality TV isn't real life, with one commenting, "Omg do you ppl not realise that half the show is staged 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ both are genuinely happy."

One more said, "He's cheated on you. How could you possibly be back with him? Or is this Made in Chelsea all a load of lies for some drama?"


ICYMI, let's do a little recap of the recent shenanigans. Fans of the show will know that Maeva and James were more loved up than ever (trust us, they've had some rocky patches), but Maeva was not too thrilled that James didn't have marriage on his mind.

So, Maeva being Maeva, she planned to get exactly what she wanted by proposing to him instead, something that she's always had on her mind as it's what her mum did with her dad.

As the episode built up to her big moment, fans were on tenterhooks to see if James would say yes, so when Maeva's moment came, they had some BIG opinions when he said no.

One fan tweeted, "Maeva really had the balls to propose, get rejected and went downstairs to own it in a plunging gown she’s beyond iconic #MadeInChelsea."

Another wrote, "‘No, never in a million years’ Miles would never say that to Maeva. James is punching so much and Maeva deserves to be with someone who will treat her right."

One more said, "If he genuinely loved you and wanted to be with you he would’ve said yes no matter how and who asked the question."

They also had a lot of thoughts about James' reaction, that saw him tell the lads that he really wasn't ready as Maeva stormed off.

One commented, "OMG @jamestaylorldn why did you say no! You let your ego get in the way or such a romantic moment. heartbreaking."

Maeva even took to social media herself to react to the proposal, sharing a snap of the moment she got down on one knee with the caption, "The only thing I got that night was backache."

Meava D'Ascano
Maeva even made fun of herself when her plan didn't go as hoped ©Instagram

The teaser for the next episode saw Maeva and James have it out over the proposal, including the little issue of her ex-boyfriend Miles.

As well as James saying no, in a previous episode, Maeva, armed with a new fringe, was seen telling Miles her plans to propose to James.

In a SHOCK twist, Miles was taken aback by the news and they started speaking French (Made In Chelsea fans will know that this is 'their thing') where he admitted that he always thought he would be the one to put a ring on Maeva's finger. The preview then ended with Miles rushing to tell his ex-girlfriend something, just moments before SHE got down on one knee to James.

Fans took to Twitter in their droves to express their love for the endless Maeva drama, with one writing, "No way do Miles and Maeva still love each other 🤣🤣🤣 It’s been like a decade bro move onnnnnnnn #MadeInChelsea."

Another said, "If Millie and Hugo eventually found their way back to each other, so can Miles and Maeva #MadeInChelsea", and another wrote, "I actually CAN NOT with Maeva proposing to James and Myles coming to ruin the moment 😭😭😭 (I do think Myles and Maeva are much better suited tho) #madeinchelsea."

One more added, "Just caught up on next week's #MadeInChelsea and the preview has been shocking. Like surely Miles going after Maeva whilst she is going to propose to James is the most random thing?!"

Many also slammed Miles, sating that "he only wants her now he can't have her".

Well, while we eager wait to see what happens next, here's everything else you need to know about Maeva...

Who is Maeva d'Ascinio from Made in Chelsea?

Maeva has taken on the role of one of the main characters in Chelsea thanks to her multiple tantrums, double standards and nice hair. She's at the centre of pretty much any and every drama on the show, and has left her poor beau James humiliated on a national scale more than once.

When did Maeva d'Ascinio join Made in Chelsea?

Meava was introduced in series 17, way back in early 2019.

How old is Maeva d'Ascinio?

While we do know that Maeva was born on the 12th of August (making her a fiery Leo - quelle surprise) we don't actually know what year she was born, so we can only guess she's in her 20s, like the rest of the cast.

Does Maeva d'Ascinio have a dog?

Maeva and James are pawrents to an ADORABLE Australian Sheep Dog called Clyde, who you can follow at @prince_clyde_lulu.

What happened with Maeva D’Ascanio and Miles Nazaire?

Miles and Maeva’s rocky relationship was explosive enough to rival Hugo Taylor and Millie Mackintosh’s from series one.

Miles had vaguely mentioned an ex-girlfriend in France during his time on the show, and when Maeva arrived in Chelsea two series later it was clear there was a lot unresolved issues between the two.

After MANY a vicious row, they eventually broke up for good, with Maeva going on to date Miles’ best mate James Taylor – which upset Miles so much, that we almost felt sorry for him.

Maeva and James skipped series 19 for a ski season in France, with Miles admitting, "I am so effing happy they're not in it now."

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He added, "It is nothing to do with me not being over it, it is more that I don't have to see them, or see them together in front of my face all of the time."

BUT WAIT. That’s not all. Because after Miles admitted that he and Maeva were actually on civil terms, they were forced to move in together for series 21 and their lingering tension and their habit of speaking in French together within earshot of James was a source of A LOT of drama in the house.

Why was Maeva d'Ascinio 'told off' by Made in Chelsea producers?

Back in 2019 Made in Chelsea man-eater Maeva opened up exclusively to Closer online about her tellings off by producers on set.

And her current squeeze James didn’t help her cause either, adding that she was always getting in trouble because she “doesn’t do what they want”.

“Yeah, all the time,” she replied when asked if she was ever told off on set. “I mean, not all the time. [The producers] understand my situation. They’re calling me every day, because there’s always something new with me, and there’s always something wrong with me.”

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Andy Jordan

Kicking things off is Andy Jordan, who first appeared on our screens wooing Spencer Matthews' then girlfriend Louis Thompson. He went on to get the girl, and earned himself a reputation as a bit of a love-sick wet cloth thanks to his incessant warbling - sorry, singing.

“It’s not ‘telling off’, chimed in Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo, who’s had at the time recently gone official with OG cast member Jamie Laing. “It’s more like stern words.”

James added, “I just think there’s definitely a hierarchy, so you know who to be especially nice to, and you know who you can get away with murder with. [The older cast members] have definitely got different rules to the beginners, the newbies.”

Is Maeva dating James Taylor?

She sure is however her former flame with Miles has always been a point on contention for the couple.

Made in Chelsea continues Mondays at 9pm on E4.

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