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The best massage guns

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As much as we love the gym, we cannot stand the dreaded post-gym ache or as it's better known - sore muscles. Whether you can barely make it down the stairs post leg day, or struggle to reach for a plate after that upper body workout, no one enjoys the aftermath of a good gym session.

Especially after a two-year sedentary lifestyle (cheers, lockdown), our muscles are no longer accustomed to burpees, and those squats have never hit harder than they do now.

Luckily, there is one fab way to prevent stiffness and discomfort: introducing massage guns.

With gels, exercise technics and other devices that claim to help soothe aches and pains, what makes massage guns the best option? This guide is here to help you choose the right solution for you.

What are massage guns?

Massage guns were once predominately used by sports stars and gym bunnies to help soothe muscular pain and speed up rehabilitation, but this equipment is easy for anyone to use.

Plus, it's a great way to get a deep tissue massage at home. And, relax!

That said, if you're hitting the gym we'd recommend using a massage gun to warm up your muscles pre-workout or as you cool down to facilitate muscle recovery.

Other benefits from using this fitness equipment include relieving stress and tension, improving circulation in the body, increasing mobility and helping you get to sleep at night – what’s not to love?

If it's good enough for Pro Triathlete, Lucy Charles-Barclay, well then it's good enough for us.

Commercial Content Writer, Lily Anderson, put the best massage guns to the test and here's what she thought:

Theragun MiniCloser

"During the lockdown, I've been a bit lax when it comes to my fitness regime. Yeah, I've done the occasional dance routine in my bedroom and daily yoga stretch, but that's about it. Heading back to the gym is a bit of a daunting thought because I suffer from really bad back pain. I had a car accident a few years ago and my shoulder/lower back hasn't been the same since.

"After using the Theragun Mini I've seen some AMAZING improvements, like not having to wear a back brace to feel comfortable while working from home. That said, I was intimidated by this bit of kit at first because it was so powerful (up to 2400 percussions per minute to be exact). Once I'd overcome this, I was able to apply the massager to areas that were sore and stiff - feeling great for it afterwards.

"Although I'm taking it easy back at the gym, I can feel the difference it has on my legs and arms. I've even built it into my routine when doing yoga in my garden. So, is a massage gun worth it? Absolutely. It fits in my gym bag effortlessly, it's made significant improvements in my working from home situation and it's a handy tool to stop my legs from feeling like jelly after exercising. Oh, it's also relaxing to put on the bottom of my feet before bed."

Best massager for sore knees

Tried and tested by Commercial Content Editor, Adam Binnie: "While this isn't technically a massage gun, it works very well in combination with one, particularly if you suffer from sore knees from an injury or overuse.

"In my case despite swapping running for cycling to save what remained of my prematurely aged joints, I still get pain in my knees from time to time. Annoyingly, while a massage gun is great for loosening up the muscles around my knee, neither it nor a sports massage can reach the discomfort I experience in the joint itself.

"This Hydragun Knee Massager uses both heat and gentle vibration to relieve pain - and the buzz hones in on a spot I cannot target with a percussive massager (I've tried and always end up whacking my kneecap, making everything worse) and the warmth finds it way so deep it feels like it's warming my bones.

"The material is soft and comfortable against your skin, and held in place securely with hook and loop straps, so it's easy to get a tailor-made fit. Additionally it can be strapped to elbows and, by using the supplied strap, your shoulders too, which is an additional benefit.

"Like most things it's charged via a USB-C cable, and when topped up promises 30 mins of treatment on each knee. You'd have to be feeling particularly flush to afford one for each leg though, as the price may get in the way of this. That's my only complaint really - it's a lot more expensive than simply wrapping a hot towel around your knee. But then again, it's also a lot more effective."

Key specs: Temperature: 5 settings, 40-60°C, Massage: 3 speeds, 80-100Hz, Battery: 60-90 mins

SMARTECH MyoMaster MyoPro percussion massager
Price: £199 (was £349)

"Myo Master took me by surprise. Compared to the Theragun Mini, you get not one massager head but eight head options that provide a different function. What I like most about this device is that there are five different speed settings to choose from. If I'm feeling sore from working out, I'll opt for a slower speed. Although I love the case that this percussion massager comes in, it's way too big to fit in my gym bag, so I'll be using it strictly for home workouts only.

A good thing to know before purchasing is that it does have a bit of a plastic smell, which personally doesn't bother me. Also when changing the massage heads, don't be afraid to wiggle them in - I was delicate at first, but this machine is pretty robust and can handle it. This gets a big thumbs up from me."

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MILcea Store Massage Gun1 of 6

MILcea Store Massage Gun

This massage gun has over 17,500 reviews for a reason. As well as having eight different attachments to reach those hard to get areas, the device only needs to be charged around once a week with frequent use. Each of the eight attachments tackle various things, for example, the u-shaped head will help to relax your shoulders, which is amazing for anyone holding any tension in their body. The digital display screen is also reportedly easy to use.What we love:• The intensity levels which reach a max speed of 3300rpm• It's ultra-quiet on slower settings • Portable and can be used anywhereKey specs – Size: N/A; Speed settings: 30; Battery life: six to seven hours; Warranty: no; Colour: black and blue.

Zikkotech Dr Rock Mini 2 Massage Gun2 of 6

Zikkotech Dr Rock Mini 2 Massage Gun

Are you looking for a massage device that is all about aesthetics? Well, then you've found it. If you're after a deep tissue massage, the bullet head attachment will work overtime, especially on your hands and the bottom of your feet after a big fitness sesh. What we love:• It's super portable• It's around the same size as a large smartphoneKey specs – Size: 8.4cm x 14.1cm x 4.5cm; Speed settings: three; Battery life: eight to nine hours; Warranty: yes; Colour: gunmetal

RENPHO Massage Gun3 of 6

RENPHO Massage Gun

Iridescent massage gun, anyone? Reaching up to speeds of 3200rpm - if you're all about the power, then this is the ideal massage machine for you. From waking up the muscles to deep tissue massage and even encouraging muscle recovery, each setting is designed to help your body.But the motion isn't the only thing that is powerful about this massager - the design is too. Reviewers have also expressed how lightweight it is, which is good when it comes to manoeuvring it around on tight muscles on your own body.What we love:• How powerful it is• Easy to use USB charger• You'll say goodbye to knotted muscles Key specs – Size: 18.6 x 20.1 x 5.66cm; Speed settings: five; Battery life: six hours; Warranty: no; Colour: black.

TINTON LIFE Muscle Massage Gun4 of 6

TINTON LIFE Muscle Massage Gun

Instead of forking out big bucks on a massage gun, this budget-friendly option is here to slay, soothing muscles after training. Although the battery life isn't as long as other options on this list, it does have a good range of speed strengths and massage head options. What we love:• It's cheap as chips• You'll feel relaxed after use• Well made for the moneyKey specs – Size: N/A; Speed settings: four; Battery life: one and a half hours; Warranty: no; Colour: black

addsfit Mini Massage Gun5 of 6

addsfit Mini Massage Gun

Compact is where it's at! Although the addsfit Mini Massage Gun is small and quiet, don't underestimate how powerful it is. Coming in at up to 3000RPM, we're talking about serious massaging capabilities here. Plus it'll easily fit in your gym bag. What we love:• The flat muscle massage heads• That it's available in grey or pink• It's powerful yet quietKey specs – Size: 12.9 x 10.4 x 4cm; Speed settings: three; Battery life: six hours; Warranty: no; Colour: sky grey.

Theragun Elite6 of 6
CREDIT: Therabody

Theragun Elite

Obsessed with the sound of the Theragun Mini? Of course you are. Take your workout up a gear thanks to the Theragun Elite. Other than size, the main difference between these devices is the Elite's stronger force. You'll be bossing the gym in no time thanks to this bit of kit. What we love:• Size is everything with this• Athletes use it• Sync with app to help you warm upKey specs – Size: 24 x 17 x 7.4cm; Speed settings: any speed between 1750-2400 percussions per minute; Battery life: 120 minutes; Warranty: one year; Colour: white, black or red.


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Zapping ourselves after our dedicated gym slot isn't the only way to stop our bodies from stiffening up.

Catherine Quinn, President of the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), said, "Looking after our spines and overall back health is essential.

"Our central nervous system runs through our spine and reaches every part of our body, from our fingers to our toes, so you can almost think of it as our anchor or foundation. Our spines provide support and protection for our entire body, so when it’s happy and healthy it helps keep everything running smoothly."

Catherine went onto add, "It also means that if something goes wrong, it can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing."

You don't have to practice yoga everyday to get the benefits either, Catherine has provided five simple steps to help keep your spine happy and healthy:

1. Take a stand: Inactivity is the biggest cause of backpain. As you're spending more time sitting down in your home office, make sure to take regular breaks - around every 20 to 30 minutes. All you need to do is stand up and walk around a little.

2. Stretch it out: Can't get a break from all those emails? Try stretching in your seat - a good way to do this is by shrugging your shoulders.

3. Get active: You don't have to hit the gym everyday to stay healthy, going for a walk on your lunch break can have a huge benefit to your posture.

4. Evaluate your workspace: Make sure your home workspace supports a comfortable seating position. This is different for everyone, so alter your chair or screen until it feels right.

5. Straighten up: There's loads of exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine to improve balance and flexibility in the spine.

We're off to do some quick bridge exercises, stat.

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