A monster garden sprinkler exists and we need it ASAP

Perfect for the kids AND the big kids.

Monster garden sprinkler

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When the heatwave hits, it's tradition all over the UK that the tops come off, the BBQs come out, and the paddling pool takes its rightful place in the centre of the garden for the foreseeable future.

But if you haven't been able to get hold of a paddling pool due to the surge in lockdown purchases, or can't be bothered with the faff it takes to get it all set up, you might be looking into a splash pad or a sprinkler instead.

Easier to whip out than a swimming pool, sprinklers and splash pads just connect up to the hose pipe, requiring less setup time and less take-down time.

We know that Rochelle Humes is a fan of sprinklers, as we spotted when she posted about her AMAZING rainbow sprinkler. Luckily for you, we've found another awesome sprinkler - this brilliant giant monster sprinkler from BigMouth Inc.

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He's over 6ft tall, spraying water out of his mouth when connected to a garden hose. It's the perfect fast-inflated remedy for a hot day.

He definitely reminds us of Sully from Monsters, Inc.!

And that's not all. As well as the monster, we've also found a dinosaur, elephant and a giraffe, if they're more to your/your kids' taste.


Animal Sprinklers

Bigmouth Inc Giant Elephant Garden Sprinkler1 of 3

Bigmouth Inc Giant Elephant Garden Sprinkler

This adorable elephant will be perfect if your kids are a little sensitive to monsters.

BigMouth Inc Giant Giraffe Yard Sprinkler2 of 3

BigMouth Inc Giant Giraffe Yard Sprinkler

This friendly looking giraffe is over 10ft tall, so it'll be a real talking point with the neighbours.

Bigmouth Inc Giant Dinosaur Garden Sprinkler3 of 3

Bigmouth Inc Giant Dinosaur Garden Sprinkler

Who wouldn't want a cool dinosaur to hang out with? This'll ensure you have a roarsome time in the warm weather.

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All over 6ft tall, these sprinklers will be the perfect treat for your children (or your friends, no judgement here) this summer. Anchored down for safe use, they're lightweight so easy to move and pack away for use every summer.

We'll have one of each, thanks. Who says you can't create your very own creature zoo in your back garden?

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