The best splash pads to keep your kids cool and entertained this summer

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Summer is here, and with each new heatwave comes a mad rush to get to the shops and buy your kids an inflatable pool or you'll never hear the end of it - sound familiar?

While paddling pools are great, unless you have an endless amount of toys or your kid is just happy to, you know, paddle around, they can quickly lose their charm for the little ones. Even though they keep them cool, they require some imagination to have lots of fun with.

Plus, they take AGES to fill, aren't always suitable for toddlers and older kids all at once, and can get filled with grass and bugs easily - not ideal.

That's where splash pads come in. If your child loves to run through those fountains in the city centre or the sprinkler in the back garden, they'll LOVE their very own splash pad. Also known as sprinkler pads, they're similar to a pool but WAY more fun. They're also more suited to toddlers, as they aren't deep but are fairly large.

Luckily, they're affordable, easy to run and provide endless fun for the children and even for your dog, so take a look at the best-rated splash pads below.

Please note: these products are suitable for children aged three and up.

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MAGIFIRE Sprinkler and Splash Pad
Price: £12.99


With a sweet alphabet design, this splash pad is quick to set up and fun for the family.


This option from pecute is made from stronger material (it can even be used by your dogs!) and is


Look out, sharks about! This sprinkler mat from John Lewis looks great and delivers on fun.


For older kids or a summer party, the square shape of this sprinkler pad offers up more space to

Toddler Toys - Splash Pad, 68"/170cm

Rrp: £18.99

Price: £14.99


Introduce your children to a colourful ocean world with this splash pad.

Customer review:

Bestway Sunny Pineapple Splash Pool
Price: £15 (was £30)


It's time to get tropical with this funky pineapple splash pool.

Customer review: "Bought

OWill 67" Splash Pad for Kids
Price: £12.99


The cute crocodile head will no doubt provide plenty of fun games and adventures for your little

Bestway Underwater Splash Pad
Price: £10 (was £20)


Make like Ariel and head under the sea with this underwater-themed splash pad.


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