A TikToker shares a genius £3.99 hack for preventing hair clog up your shower plug

So simple, yet so clever


by Aimee Jakes |
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TikTok used to mainly consist of dance routines and Gemma Collins impersonations, but it's now a hub of glorious tips, tricks and hacks you can incorporate into your every day. Oh, and a sprinkle of the GC, because we do need some fun in our lives.

So lo and behold, the bathroom hack that will change your life, especially if you have lots of hair (and/or daughters!)

TikTok user @cleaningwithlivs shared her tip for preventing hair build-up in the shower plug hole and we honestly couldn't get enough.

The video shows the cleaning influencer using a star-shaped plug cover which helps prevent hair from blocking drains. The best bit is that it's available to buy from Amazon and is a complete bargain.

The star-shaped plug cover used in the video is sadly no longer available for 99p, but you can snap one up for under £4, which isn't half bad.

Especially when sink and drain cleaner costs a lot more of your time and cash.

One user commented, "I was going to buy this, but thought it might slide around???" to which @cleaningwithlivs replied, "it sticks pretty good!"

Another wrote, "we need this!"

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