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Who doesn't love going to get their eyelashes done or putting on strip lashes? They instantly add an OOMPH to your look, giving you extra length and depth of colour. Whether it's the final glam addition to your night out look, or you're going bare-faced and want to emphasize your eyes, strip lashes and eyelash extensions can be a total game-changer.

If you've never had eyelash extensions before or put on false/strip lashes, don't panic, we've got the lowdown. Eyelash extensions are a beauty treatment done in a salon, where semi-permanent synthetic, silk fibres or faux-mink are applied to each individual lash. These synthetic lashes come in a fan, and a fan can have one or several synthetic lashes.

Strip lashes, also known as strip eyelash extensions, are lashes you can apply at home with some sort of adhesive and an eyelash applicator.

Classic lashes

These are salon-applied classic lashes:

The overall look is natural, and they're one of the most popular lash extensions available.

Hybrid lashes

Salon-applied hybrid lashes look like this:

A mixture of classic and Russian/volume, these are a good mid-way for those who like a bit of glam.

Russian lashes

And salon-applied Russian/volume lashes look like this:

If full-on glam is your style, go all out for Russian/volume lashes.

As you can see, the main difference is the ratio of false lashes being applied to your real ones. With classic lashes, this is applied on a 1:1 ratio, so that means one individual false lash (also known as a fan) to one real one.

Volume lashes have more false lashes per fan than a classic lash, so essentially, there are more synthetic eyelashes being applied to each of your individual lashes.

A hybrid lash style is a mixture of Russian/volume lashes and classic lashes. The technician will apply a 1:1 ratio for some eyelashes, and a larger ratio for others, hence the hybrid name.

Pros and cons: classic vs hybrid lashes vs russian lashes

Classic lashes


• Natural-looking - Great for those just entering the lash world or for people who want a subtle look.

• Affordable - The fewer lashes that are used and the less time it takes, the more affordable the treatment.

• Comfortable - Less weight on your lashes.


• Simple - Not voluminous enough for some

Hybrid lashes


• Mid-level lashes - A good mixture of drama, length and wispiness.

• Good for those with sparse lashes - Works with most eyelash types.


• Pricier - More time, effort and materials mean these lashes will be more expensive than classic lashes.

• More time in the chair - The intricacy of the lashes means you might be in the salon for several hours.

Russian lashes


• Dramatic - These lashes are show-stopping and jaw-dropping, so everyone will be able to see the difference.

• Good for those with sparse lashes - Russian/volume lashes fill in the gaps well and leave you with luscious lashes.


• Expensive - Skill, experience, materials and time all add up here, so these are on the more expensive side of lash extensions.

• Time-intensive - It will take more time than a classic set as each fan needs to be created before being applied to your lashes.

• Mega voluminous - Some people might not like the finished look as it's very dramatic.

Strip lashes

While salon lashes are the ultimate in lash luxury, the process does take a while, especially if you're going for a more voluminous look, such as hybrid or Russian lashes. It's also an expensive habit, and many of us can't afford to splash out on fabulous lashes as often as we'd like to.

This is where strip lashes can save the day. While not all of them specifically come in classic or hybrid styles, many have a similar aesthetic, so you can recreate that salon-fresh vibe at home.

Don't have time to get to the salon? Save some time with our top picks of the best strip lashes for every style preference.

The best classic strip lashes:

Super cute and lightweight, these classic strip lashes will add a very subtle lift to your eyelashes.

Ideal for those just getting started with lashes, or anyone who wants a very low-key look.

If you're looking for more of a wispy look, then these strip lashes are ideal.

They're a tad longer than normal classic lashes, but they're still ultra-light and wispy.

You'll definitely feel cute with these stunnin' strip lashes.

Ideal for lash beginners, this starter kit even comes with a practice lash and is extremely subtle.

The best hybrid strip lashes:

One of the closest syles you can get to hybrid lash extensions, this Bubble Pop set from Unicorn Cosmetics is gorgeous.

We are OBSESSED with this cat-eye style.

If we had to sum these up in one word? UNREAL.

These stunning falsies are sure to add a pop of volume to your look.

Ok, we know these are more volume/Russian lashes than hybrid ones but hear us out... these fluffy falsies will add oomph to your out-out look, but they're not as extra as other volume lashes.

Want the lashes to look as natural as possible? These falsies are super wispy and lightweight.

The perfect mix between volume and classic styles, these strip lashes are so cute and versatile. Whether it's girls' night or dinner, these are sure to add some glam to your look.

Should you wear strip lashes over eyelash extensions?

In a word, no. Applying lash extensions to your real lash requires precision and skill, and your lash technician will know how much weight your lashes can take. Applying strip lashes over the top of your lashes (for example, for a special occasion) can damage your real lashes and ruin your extensions.

Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes?

When applied properly, eyelash extensions should not cause any damage to your natural lashes. Always visit a recommended, experienced technician with up-to-date qualifications and insurance.

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