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Everyone knows that applying false lashes can be a bit of a pain. Of course, the outcome makes it totally worth it but surely there is a fuss-free way to apply falsies?

That is where eyelash applicators come in.

Whether you are looking to apply lashes with a tweezer design or want an applicator specifically for magnetic lashes, we have gathered the best eyelash applicators together ready for your next big night out.

How to use an eyelash applicator:

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Best eyelash applicators 2022

Ru00c4Z Eyelash Applicator1 of 11
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RÄZ Eyelash Applicator

Apply your false lashes in seconds with the RÄZ innovative false eyelashes applicator tool. The stainless steel applicator has a curved tip that expertly holds lashes in place, so you get less fuss and no sticky glued fingers. It can also be used for nail art application.Promising review: "I think these eyelash tweezers are easier to use than the lashify branded tweezers. I use them to attach individual lashes and to press the lashes when glued onto my lashes. I liked them so much I have bought a second pair."

Hotop 3 Pack Eyelashes Eyelashes Applicator2 of 11
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Hotop 3 Pack Eyelashes Eyelashes Applicator

These eyelash applicators come in a pack of three and will help you to apply your false lashes with total ease. The tweezer design is safer than using regular tweezers which could poke you in the eye. To apply simply place your index finger and thumb on the middle wide part of clip and place the false lashes on the end of the tweezers. Then paste the false eyelash into their eyelash root using eyelash glue. Super simple.Promising review: "Very sturdy, great quality. These help me immensely when applying false eyelashes. I was previously having to use a pair of tweezers but the issue with that is I was getting eyelash glue on them and it was then making them difficult to use to pluck my eye brows. Plus the sharp edges of eyebrow tweezers would sometimes damage part of the false eyelash band. These make life easier! And even better that you get several pairs!"

eyelash applicators3 of 11
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FANDIQ False Eyelashes Applicator

Apply falsies like a pro with this reusable false eyelash applicator. It is easy to use and gives your lashes the perfect natural-looking finish. Gently apply the false eyelash strip to your eyelash root using this innovative tool. Promising review: "Good little tool. Arrived quicker than expected. Purchased another since"

eyelash applicators4 of 11
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LaRoc False Fake Eyelash Extension Applicator

This false eyelash applicator from LaRoc is made from stainless steel and comes in a subtle black design. It is the perfect tool for precise application or for removing lashes. Promising review: "Makes putting on lashes much easier! Wish I bought it sooner."

Eylure Lash Applicator5 of 11
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Eylure Lash Applicator

Put on lashes like a pro with this Eylure Lash Applicator. This tool is custom-designed, based on Eylure's new mini applicator. The new applicator has been made to have a tension-free grip which allows you to get really close to the lash line for a fuss-free application.Promising review: "Bought this about a month ago to use applying strip lashes to clients and I could not be more in love, it's so professional looking and easy to use! The clients who cannot apply strip lashes on their own have even gone and purchased it and love it! Absolute beauty essential!"

eyelash applicators6 of 11
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LADES 2 Pieces False Eyelashes Applicator Tool

These eyelash clip tools fit all eye shapes and sizes. You can press false lashes on with tweezers, or use the nippers with a curved rubber end to clamp them down. The ergonomic design will regulate how much pressure is applied to the lashes which ensures it is safe to use.Promising review: "Love these tools. Make it so easy and precise to apply lashes."

Brushworks Lash Applicator7 of 11
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Brushworks Lash Applicator

This sleek applicator from Brushworks makes applying lashes easy and efficient. With an innovative design made for maximum comfort and grip - applying lashes will not be scary ever again. Promising review: "I have been wearing false lashes for some years now and always got by with just tweezers to apply them. However, when I stopped wearing eyeliner I found that my falsies weren't sticking as close to the lash line as I liked so bought this. It's been a god seen. Helps to get the false lash right on the lash line and helps the glue adhere all along the strip"

Magnetic Eyelashes Kit With Applicator8 of 11
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Magnetic Eyelashes Kit With Applicator

If you are looking to apply false eyelashes with extreme precision then this magnetic eyelash kit and applicator will do the job perfectly. Specifically made to help to apply magnetic eyelashes as easy as possible. Walacr magnetic false eyelashes have a natural look that is ​made of high quality artificial fibers and is comfortably lightweight. Designed with a tweezer shape, these eyelash applicators safely apply lashes in a matter of seconds. You do not need eyelash glue or adhesives for this product as the magnetic eyeliner is safe, comfortable and easy to use.Promising review: "Wow I don't normally review but the attached video of the first time i actually tried to put these on. Easiest thing in the world! I cannot do lashes normally this is life changing"

Ariel-gxr Professioner Lash Curler9 of 11
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Ariel-gxr Professioner Lash Curler

This eyelash curler from Ariel-gxr has easy-grip handles and a silicone pad for just the right amount of pressure to curl lashes evenly. The set also comes with an eyelash applicator tool which makes applying lashes easier. Promising review: "These are great curlers. I have age related hooded eyes and the curl result is great. They fit my eye curve beautifully and I had no pinching, or damage to my eyelashes. They felt comfy and soft when I was curling my eyelashes and didn't catch my skin. Absolutely amazing for the quality and price . I've ordered another one for a friend. Bonus is the eyelash tool but not sure if it will work with magnetic eyelashes."

MAC Lash Applicator10 of 11
CREDIT: Selfridges

MAC Lash Applicator

This MAC falsies applicator is sleek and easy to use. The smooth, curved design allows the tip to gently clamp at the base of the false lashes for an even and easy finish. It comes with the signature MAC branding. Promsing review: "Mac's Lash Applicator is a sleek, convenient tool to help you apply false eyelashes with ease and precision."

LASHVIEW LT02 Application Tweezers for Individual and 3D 6D Volume11 of 11
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LASHVIEW LT02 Application Tweezers for Individual and 3D 6D Volume

If you're looking for an applicator to help you place individual lashes on, this LASHVIEW applicator is for you. Its cute little pincers at the end can be used to pick up tiny lashes, as well as 3D 6D Volume Mink Eyelash Extensions. You can even use it to spread out your natural lashes. Promising review: "My girlfriend ordered she said it is perfect, highly recommended! Sharp, easy to pick up, even Classic eyelash as well! Very good!"

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