The best under-eye masks to brighten and de-puff in an instant

Transform tired peepers with the best under-eye masks starting from £3.50...

Best under-eye masks

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If you’re looking to give your under-eyes that extra zhush to help you feel fresh and ready for the day, the best under-eye masks are fantastic for helping to instantly brighten your bags. Whether you're under a deal of stress, are struggling to get your eight hours or are genetically prone to them, dark under-eye circles can happen to us all. However, adding a hard-working under-eye mask to your arsenal can help transform tired peepers and luckily, there are plenty out there that are cut out for the job.

Most eye masks contain hyaluronic acid and caffeine which work as a power duo - perfect for de-puffing and reducing dark circles. They help brighten and hydrate your under-eyes for an instant refresh that won't betray your lack of sleep. Other potent 'eye serum' ingredients include collagen, retinol, peptides and vitamin C which can also help reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines that may already be creeping in.

Closer's best under-eye masks at a glance:

Best overall: Pixi DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches, £22 on Boots
Best on a budget: Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Sheet Mask, £3.49 on Boots
Best reusable under-eye mask: Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks, £22 on Cult Beauty

You can apply an under-eye mask any time of day, but popping eye masks on in the morning after washing your face can really help fake a full night’s sleep. And for your sacred self-care moments or before a big event, we recommend keeping your under-eye mask in the fridge for an extra de-puffing effect. A cold compress in itself can work wonders.

We've rounded up the best under-eye masks to shop, starting from as little as just £3.50.

SHOP: The best under-eye masks

Pack of 30 pairs

Best overall

Pixi DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye PatchesBoots/Pixi
Price: £14.67 (was £22)

Had a late night and woken up with puffy eyes? Then these Pixi DetoxifEYE eye patches are here to save the day. They contain hyaluronic acid and caffeine which will quickly refresh and hydrate the under-eye area. Plus, the pack of 30 means you can store them in the fridge for an extra cool treat in your next self-care moment, with a handy little spatula to help gently lift them from the pile.

Reviewers found these masks to be soothing and moisturising, with most finding they had instant results. The only real complaint is that they can be a bit slimy, which risks them slowly moving down your face during wear. But that's only more reason to lie down and relax we say.


  • Instant results
  • They feel soothing and cooling - and the ability to store them in the fridge only makes for an extra refreshing treat
  • Great value for money - 30 in a pack!


  • Can be a bit slimy so they may move from the eye area during wear

Single pair

Best on a budget

Garnier Moisture Bomb Hyaluronic Acid And Orange Juice Hydrating Brightening Eye Sheet MaskBoots/ Garnier
Price: £2.33 (was £3.49)

This pair of under-eye masks from Garnier are an absolute bargain at under £3.50. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, each patch is enriched with hyaluronic acid and orange juice to refresh and brighten the under-eye area. They help to plump the skin with moisture to reduce the appearance of fine lines and for that extra cool feeling, simply pop in the fridge before use. We also love that the sheet masks are cruelty-free and compostable, making them kind to both you and the planet.

Most reviewers were seriously impressed by how this eye mask brightened their under-eye, especially considering the price. They felt their skin felt lovely and soft after wear and while the size of the mask was good for some, for others it was a bit on the large side.


  • Eco-friendly - the mask is cruelty-free and biodegradable
  • Brightening results for most
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth


  • Some found them to be a bit big, and a bit too 'wet', for their liking

Pack of 30 pairs

Best premium under-eye masks

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye PatchesLookFantastic/ Peter Thomas Roth

The Peter Thomas Roth eye masks may be pricey, but they are famed for instantly softening the look of fine lines and dark circles. With a cocktail of hardworking ingredients (from caffeine to collagen and marshmallow root extract) the ultra-hydrating patches lock in hydration and moisture to elevate your daily routine. Much like the Pixi DetoxifEYE set, you get a whopping 30 pairs to last and it comes equipped with a spatula to lift and separate each from the pot without any going to waste. Though, as reviewers found, it's definitely worth being careful as the masks are quite fragile.

They also thought these masks in particular were fab for giving an instant wake-up, which made them ideal to use before events or after long flights. The only real concern was that they were drier than expected with less serum left in the pot, but this hasn't seemed to hold back on their results.


  • Packed with hydrating and depuffing ingredients
  • Instant results
  • Good value for money - you get 30 in a pack


  • A bit drier than expected for some reviewers

Single pair

Best reusable under-eye mask

Dieux Skin Forever Eye MasksCult Beauty/ Dieux

If you're after an under-eye mask that doesn't rely on single-use products or plastics, the Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks are your absolute go-to's. Sure, they don't have all the lovely ingredients that actually get to business, but using these silicone pads, you can apply and lock in your own gels and serums - something reviewers raved about. They found the eye masks stuck in place without shifting, were comfortable to wear and with the addition of product, helped to smooth and de-puff.

They're easy to clean after use, and you can store them in the tin in the fridge, though you will need to ensure you're picking serums with the right ingredients to really maximise the effects.


  • Reusable - so the most sustainable option
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Stay in place without sliding off


  • You will need to invest in serums/ creams alongside this to really achieve similar results to single-use options

Pack of 30 pairs

Best value for money

Revolution Skincare Gold Eye Hydrogel Hydrating Eye PatchesLookFantastic/ Revolution
Price: £10.50 (was £15)

We can always count on Revolution for great formulas and purse-friendly price points. Containing 30 hydrating eye patches, they are infused with glycerin, allantoin, algae extract, and hyaluronic acid - which all help to eradicate puffy under-eye circles. As well as being excellent value for money, reviewers found them to be really hydrating - not to mention they felt particularly boujee wearing the gold hydrogel patches. Each mask is well covered in serum though many found they were pretty slippy as a result, so definitely best enjoyed lying down.


  • Excellent value for money - 30 in a pack
  • Hydrating and depuffing formula
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • They tend to slip down on the face

Pack of 5 pairs

Best for brightening

PatchologySpace NK/ Patchology

When it comes to smoothing out your under-eyes, Patchology has got you covered. A mix of hydrolysed collagen and caffeine, the brand says this will help the skin around your eyes look brighter and more radiant. For the best results, Patchology recommends using these before applying make-up or going to bed.

Suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin (as tried and tested by reviewers), they are hydrating and refreshing, with reviewers finding them perfect for a quick temporary fix. You can buy a pack of five or 30 (RRP £45), but the five-pack is ideal for new users/ taking on holiday. They stay in place (yes, you can even wear them while doing the housework) but they are tricky to get out of the pot, even with the spatula provided.


  • Suitable for all skin types - including sensitive skin
  • Good staying power on the face
  • Hydrating with noticeable de-puffing results


  • Pretty tricky to get out the pot

Pack of 20 pairs

Best for hydration

Nip+Fab Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Hydration Jelly Eye PatchesBoots/ Nip+Fab
Price: £15.96 (was £19.95)

Next up are NIP+FAB's Jelly Eye Patches. They are designed to soothe and depuff your under eyes and contain hyaluronic acid, tremella, and polyglutamic acid, which all work together to leave your eyes looking more awake. With these super hydrating skincare actives, the skin will also be more moisturised, smoother and have reduced fine lines - but don't just take our word for it.

Customers have raved about how their under-eyes looked and felt post-application with the jelly texture being that extra bit cooling on the skin. Though it's worth pointing out that the masks are pretty fragile, so may take a little practice to perfect getting them on your face in one piece. Did we mention, they are also vegan and cruelty-free?


  • Super hydrating formula
  • Generous amount of serum
  • Cooling and refreshing feel


  • Fragile patches, so a little tricky to apply at times

Pack of 6 pairs

Best for anti-ageing

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye MasksLookFantastic/ Elemis
Price: £46.40 (was £58)

If you're passionate about beauty, you'll be no stranger to Elemis and the popular pro-collagen cleansing balm. Harnessing the same powerful hydration, these Elemis Eye Masks intensely moisturise the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, making them our go-to for anti-ageing. Hyaluronic acid, plankton extract and chlorella help to both moisturise and tighten the under-eye for a smoother appearance - ideal for pre-makeup.

While they are a more pricey option, they do claim to keep the skin moisturised for up to 24 hours and the majority of customers feel they're worth the price tag thanks to the results. We reckon these are definitely an option for those moments where you need some proper TLC.


  • Long-lasting results
  • Moisturing and smoothing formula
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • You get fewer eye masks for the price compared to others

Pack of 30 pairs

Best for a cute design

Florence By Mills Swimming Under The Eyes Gel PadsBoots/ Florence By Mills

Who doesn't want super cute little whales under their eyes? For quickly reducing dark circles, why not try Florence By Mills' playful eye gel patches, enriched in coconut extract, sodium hyaluronate and pine extract which when combined all together help re-energise and de-puff your under-eyes.

Obviously, they win serious points for the adorable design which makes them a must-have pamper or sleepover addition for mums and daughters. Reviewers loved the soothing, refreshing feel that was kind to sensitive skin (and stayed nicely in place). They're pretty easy to remove from the pot too, but some felt it hard to reposition once under the eyes without risk of breaking a whale tail.


  • Super cute design - loved by teens and adults
  • Refreshing and de-puffing formula
  • Stay in place well


  • Need to be careful when repositioning to not break the whale!

Pack of 3 pairs

Best for travelling

BeautyPro Eye Therapy Under Eye MaskLookFantastic/ BeautyPro
Price: £4.80 (was £6)

The post-flight fatigue is real, but these under-eye masks from BeautyPro will give you the refresh you need to carry on with your holiday adventures. Perfectly packed for taking on your travels, the hydrogel patches are rich in collagen, green tea extract, aloe vera and vitamins A and E for an intensive treatment that helps revive worn-out, puffy eyes (something reviewers agreed on) and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

All of this meant that reviewers felt it was perfect for a little pamper and a pick-me-up after a little R&R. It's a handy quick fix to have in your travel bag arsenal - you can even wear them on the move - though some found them quite drying which might not be best for sensitive skin.


  • Well-packaged for travel
  • Good staying power - no risk of sliding off
  • Particularly good for dark circles, de-puffing and tiredness


  • Some found it quite drying which may not make them suitable for sensitive skin types

How often should you use under-eye masks?

It’s recommended to use under-eye patches two to three times a week for the best results, but ultimately you should follow what is recommended on the packet.

How to incorporate under-eye masks into your skincare routine?

The great news is that you can use under-eye masks any time of the day to give your under-eye that extra pep.

Most people use under-eye patches in the morning – perfect for giving you that extra little wake-up. If you want to incorporate them into your morning routine, you should apply them after cleansing your skin but before you apply any other skincare products.

If you’d prefer to use them in the evening as a wind-down ritual, you should again apply after you’ve cleansed your skin and removed all your make-up, but before you apply any nighttime skincare products.

You can find some that are designed to be worn overnight to allow the ingredients sink in. However, you should only do this with those under-eye patches and masks that are designed specifically for that purpose – using regular under-eye masks overnight may instead dry out and irritate your skin.

What’s the cause of eye bags?

One of the most common reasons people try out under-eye patches is to reduce the appearance of eye bags. Believe us, we've all been there.

Eye bags can result from many factors which include:

• Fatigue and poor sleep
• Allergies and sinus problems
• Smoking and drinking alcohol
• Ageing
• Too much sun exposure
• Genetically inherited

Making lifestyle changes where possible will ultimately help to combat the appearance of dark circles and puffiness in the long term. Whether that's getting more sleep (and not getting sucked into your FYP), reducing the consumption of alcohol, wearing SPF, and drinking more water.

That being said, under-eye patches are fab for reducing the appearance of dark circles in the short-term, alongside using cold compression such as a cooling eye mask to help reduce puffiness.

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