The very best face washes for every skin type

Arguably the most important stage of your routine

Best face washes

by Aimee Jakes |

Face washes are often overlooked. Maybe because we tell ourselves that most of it is going down the plug hole and at least we're not using make-up wipes... right?

However, more dermatologists will tell you that washing your face is the most important step of all.

In fact, your fancy-shamancy moisturiser or expensive serum will not work to it's full potential, if your skin hasn't been cleaned properly first.

From using public transport, office air con, wearing makeup and simply touching your face throughout the day - you can see why your skin cries out for its two courtesy cleanses per day.

We've picked out the best face washes to ensure squeaky clean skin, no matter your skin type.

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The best cleansers that will make you look forward to washing your face...


Best face washes for every skin type

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Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser This cult cleanser is specifically designed for teenage or acne prone skin. It has only natural ingredients that won't strip the skin's barrier. One chuffed reviewer said, 'It's been exactly 8 days of use and I'm almost spot free, there are a few tiny bumps still there but they're barely noticeable, I can't believe how effective it's been. I wish I'd known about this years ago.'

dull skin
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Burt's Bees Chamomile Deep Cleansing CreamThis highly-rated face wash removes dirt, excess oil and makeup to give your skin a naturally healthy, fresh glow.One reviewer said, 'I suffer from SAD, so mornings can be particularly painful and this gives me a much needed wake up boost and reduces puffiness. Gentle, natural and invigorating for morning use, my skin glows.'

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser
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Glossier Milk Jelly CleanserThis Insta-worthy face wash is pH-balanced and won't leave your skin feeling tight or irritated. Reviewer Chantel gave us the intel, 'I have repurchased this product multiple times; I adore it! It's very smooth & leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated & healthy,'

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Fresh Soy Face CleanserThe best all-rounder which leaves skin feeling silky smooth and cleansed. Although it's gentle, it removes even the toughest of mascaras. Leanne reviewed the face wash and wrote, 'Cleanses very well without stripping the skin. Lovely scent and leaves face looking bright and clear with no tightness. Definitely saw a change in my skin after just a few days.'

The best for dry skin
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Sukin Cream Cleanser Formulated for dehydrated skin, this cruelty-free face wash is packed with_**_ aloe Vera, burdock, horsetail, and nettle. One reviewer sung its praises and wrote, 'This is such a great cleanser, removes everything. It is the most beautiful smelling cleanser I have ever used and it is completely natural. Leaves my skin refreshed and soft.'

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Skin Sapiens Facial Cleansing GelThis gentle oat cleanser is full of natural ingredients and works magic on even sensitive skin.

oily skin
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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free CleanserA little on the pricey side, but so worth it. This wash thoroughly removes impurities and visibly reduces excess oil on skin's surface, while being gentle enough for sensitive skin. One impressive review said, 'It makes your skin feel very very clean, and you only need a small amount as it lathers well. This cleanser has really reduced the amount of oil my skin produces over the 6 months I've been using it.'

Clean beauty
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Wonder Balm by The Clean Beauty ClubIf a face wash isn't your bag and you'd prefer to use something more natural and nourishing for the skin, then try an oil cleanser. Simply rub on to dry skin and it'll remove all makeup and dirt - even waterproof mascara. Genius.

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What to look out for when choosing a face wash:

  1. Is it full of natural ingredients? Especially if you have problem skin (from sensitivity to spots) it's recommended to look for face washes that are not full of chemicals you can't pronounce...
  1. Is it the right product for your skin type? We know it sounds obvious, but just because a celebrity, influencer or best mate raves about a product, doesn't mean it will work for you. It's important to check if it's formulated for your own skin's needs, too.
  1. What do the reviews say? On the flip side, a good cleanser will have good reviews. Look at the comments to understand the general experience of the product. If it's had 75% one star reviews, it's probably not going to be your favourite, either.
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