Real life: ‘I can’t be bothered to homeschool my kids – I’m teaching them to be famous instead’

Carla Bellucci has achieved notoriety since bragging that she lied to get a free nose job on the NHS. Now she’s hoping her children will follow her into the spotlight…

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While most parents are desperately trying to juggle the demands of homeschooling, Carla Bellucci, 38, has long given up on it. Shockingly, she’s made the decision that it’s not worth pursuing and her children have not done any school work at all.

Instead, Carla is controversially helping two of her three children – Tanisha, 15, and Jayden, 12 – to become famous.

Carla, who lives in Hertfordshire and made headlines last year after blagging a free nose job on the NHS, brazenly says, “I’d rather they were famous than lawyers or anything like that.

Carla Bellucci nose job
Carla Bellucci blagged a nose job on the NHS ©Carla Bellucci

“The only thing Tanisha has read since lockdown is Instagram updates, and the only maths she’s done is working out how many more followers she’s got! She’s not interested in school work and I’m not going to push her.

“I help her put on her make-up and hair extensions and we do photo shoots and learn poses for her social media accounts. They’re still important skills.

“Her aim in life is to appear on Love Island and she doesn’t need any GCSEs to do that. I want her to be famous as I feel it’s the best way to get on in life. Jayden wants to be an actor, so he’s watching films and box-sets every day.”

Carla sparked outrage last June when she went public about getting a nose job on the NHS. She claimed she’d “flirted”with a GP and pretended to be struggling with her mental health to get a slight bump fixed.

She admits, “I’d been to a Harley Street surgeon and they quoted me £7,000. There was nothing really wrong with my nose so that seemed a lot of money. I’m good at blagging stuff, so I thought I’d try to get a free one. I couldn’t believe it actually worked.”

Carla has absolutely no shame about the surgery, even now the NHS is under huge pressure.

She says, “I see what I did with the NHS as a separate issue to what’s going on now. But I think what NHS workers are doing is amazing and I’ve donated money to them.”

She has since blagged a boob job and a butt lift in Turkey, though, due to coronavirus, it’s on hold at the moment. She’s also planning for Tanisha to have surgery when she’s older.

She says, “Ugly people get nowhere in life. And though Tanisha is gorgeous, she will probably need a bit of help.”

Tanisha Bellucci TikTok
Carla helps her daughter with her Tik Tok appearances ©Tik Tok

Now that the schools are closed, Carla and her children don’t get out of bed until 10am. Jayden goes straight to the TV to start binge-watching TV shows. Meanwhile, Tanisha and Carla spend the first two hours of every day getting ready to post on social media. They apply false eyelashes, nails and hair extensions and put on full make-up before taking pictures and videos for social media.

Tanisha has made hundreds of videos for the platform TikTok since lockdown started, and Carla estimates she has watched hundreds of thousands.

She says, “She’s never off TikTok, either making videos or watching them. But it’s for her future, so I’m encouraging her. She’s building a good following and that’s going to be key to her success later.”

Carla Bellucci
Tanisha and Carla often appear in videos together ©TikTok

Carla – who makes money by modelling – has spent hundreds of pounds on clothes for Tanisha so she’s got plenty of outfits to wear, shockingly admitting that she buys her “sexy clothes” as that will get her the most attention.

She says, “I have access to her accounts, so I check the comments often. I do worry about paedophiles a little bit, but everyone is doing this and she has to stand out.

A couple of days ago, a friend got in touch because she saw a video of Tanisha in tiny shorts and a crop top twerking and thought I should know about it as she found it so shocking. I responded that I’d given the go-ahead!”

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She’s even invested in an online personal trainer to keep her daughter in shape. They work out with him once a day and Carla also insists on Tanisha doing sits-ups and squats throughout the day.

She says, “You have to have a certain look and a good figure is part of it. I don’t want any of my kids to be fat, it’s not healthy, and we have no junk food in the house to make sure they don’t snack. We aren’t going to emerge from quarantine looking like whales – I wouldn’t allow it.”

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So far, despite ignoring her responsibilities to homeschool her children, Carla has dodged any reprimands from teachers.

She says, “No one has said anything, and if they did, it wouldn’t make any difference to what I’m doing. I have no intention of homeschooling them. I can’t be bothered – they don’t want to do it, and if they get behind, it makes no odds, as they’re never going to have jobs that need exams and academic qualifications anyway.

“I did do my GCSEs but then I went into modelling and glamour work and I’ve never used them. I want my kids to follow in my footsteps. I might be famous for being ‘Britain’s most hated woman’, but at least people know me and I’ve made my mark.

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Closer magazine issue 903 ©Closer

"I’m one of life’s takers – I get free Botox, fillers, threading and my nails done through blagging. If I think I can get something for free then I will go all out to get it, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

“People who work hard to get exams and then slave away to earn money are idiots. Tanisha just has to look good and Jayden will act and they will probably earn more than their mates who’ve been working to get their exams. It may sound shallow, but I’m doing my kids a favour.”

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