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The Real Housewives of Cheshire's favourite hairdressers Royston Blythe and Nick Malanko, introduced to the show by Dawn Ward back in 2016, have gone all out for Valentine's Day, decking out their £1.6m Wolverhampton mansion with decorations fit for Christmas.

Taking to Instagram to share their excitement for the holiday, Royston and/or Nick welcomes followers through their front door, adorned with an absolutely ginonormous Valentine's Day wreath made of pink and red roses and carnations.

Fans were loving the OTT decor, with one writing, "So understated as one would expect 😍 #bigorgohome" and another saying, "Loving your valentine door decoration❤️❤️".

Royston and Nick's wreath is from local florist Katrina Sivill at her online store Katrina Creates, but if you fancy decking your halls to celebrate love on the first Valentine's Day without COVID-19 restrictions we've got you covered.

This might be your first Valentine's day with a new love, or it could be one in a long line of Valentine's Days with the same person. It could even be that you're throwing a Valentine's Day themed party with the hope of finding that special someone. Whatever your situation this Valentine's Day, make it special with some romantic decorations. Here's a handy list of some of our faves.

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Valentine's Day decoration ideas

Whaline Valentines Day Party Decorations Kit1 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Whaline Valentine's Day Party Decorations Kit

If you want to go all out this year, this selection of decorations may be the one for you. Whilst this may be a bit overwhelming for a small affair, this kit would be perfect for a larger gathering such as a Valentine's Day party.

Rose Fairy String Lights, 20 LED Pink Rose Flower Indoor Fairy Lights2 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Rose Fairy String Lights, 20 LED Pink Rose Flower Indoor Fairy Lights

These fairy lights just scream romance (but in a very subdued romantic kind of way). With decorations like this your Valentine's Day activities are sure to go down a treat.

Handmade Valentines Day Heart and Arrow Felt Hanging Decoration,3 of 19

Handmade Valentine's Day Heart and Arrow Felt Hanging Decoration,

Why not go for a more cosy aesthetic this year? These beautiful hanging hearts are handmade, and whilst a little bit more expensive than other decorations, these hearts really have a unique feel to them, and in addition to making lovely decorations would also make lovely Valentine's Day gifts.

Valentine's bunting, felt heart garland4 of 19

Valentine's bunting, felt heart garland

In a similar vein to the other hearts on the list, this bunting really delivers on the cosiness and stands out against other decorations. Honestly, this could even be a used as a decoration throughout the rest of the year, it's just that lovely.

I LOVE YOU Banner personalised name red valentines bunting decorations5 of 19

I LOVE YOU Banner personalised name red valentine's bunting decorations

Why not make things that bit more personal this year with a personalised 'I LOVE YOU' banner? A great way to make your Valentine's feel unique.

Pink Heart Shaped Honeycomb Hanging Decorations6 of 19
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Pink Heart Shaped Honeycomb Hanging Decorations

These beautiful hanging hearts will turn even the most unromantic room into the ultimate love den. We love the 3D effect these bring - the perfect decoration for any Valentine's Day celebration.

Personalised Valentines Day Candle7 of 19
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Personalised Valentine's Day Candle

Nothing says romance like a candle lit dinner, and this candle is the perfect choice to bring the ambience this Valentine's Day. In addition to being a great bit of Valentine's Day decoration, this candle would also work as a great gift, especially as it is personalised. Keep the love burning this year with this candle.

Valentines Day Free Kiss Selfie Photo Booth Frame8 of 19
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Valentine's Day Free Kiss Selfie Photo Booth Frame

Whilst this may not scream romance, this would make a fun addition to any Valentine's Day parties, especially if you're going for something a little less serious this Valentine's Day.

'Our Song' Personalised Valentine's Gift9 of 19
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

'Our Song' Personalised Valentine's Gift

This really brings the personal touch. Every couple has their own special song - why not immortalise it forever with this romantic gift that is also a great decoration?

Love Heart Pinata10 of 19
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Love Heart Pinata

This fun twist on a piñata would make a great decoration before it is inevitably torn open to reveal hidden treats of your choice (we recommend... Love Hearts obviously). As with the selfie frame, this doesn't exactly scream romance but would make a great addition to any Valentine's Day party.

'I Whale Always Love You' Funny Valentine's Day Gift11 of 19
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

'I Whale Always Love You' Funny Valentine's Day Gift

What's more romantic than a good pun? Well (or should we say 'whale'), if you and your partner love puns as much as we do, this will (whale) make an excellent gift and a beautiful Valentine's Day decoration.

Handmade Sheet Music Heart Decoration12 of 19
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Handmade Sheet Music Heart Decoration

These unique heart decorations will really give your Valentine's Day that cozy, homemade feeling. A definite recommendation for all you lovers and lovers of music out there.

Pressed Glass Candlestick13 of 19
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Pressed Glass Candlestick

For those of you looking to have a truly FANCY Valentine's, why not buy a couple of these candle holders to really bring the romance this year?

Dino Plush14 of 19
CREDIT: Paperchase

Dino Plush

Dinosaurs and Valentine's Day. How have the two things not come together sooner? That is if you don't include the adorable song 'Dinosaurs in Love' which took the internet by storm a couple of years ago. This would make a cute decoration and an even cuter gift this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day paper mini lantern15 of 19

Valentine's Day paper mini lantern

These decorative lanterns would make a lovely addition to any room. Perfect for Valentine's Day as they really help spread the love around the house.

Love Is Love Foil Bunting16 of 19
CREDIT: Gay Pride Shop

Love Is Love Foil Bunting

Valentine's Day is for everyone. If you want to swap hearts for rainbows this year why not go for this inclusive banner from Gay Pride Shop? The perfect Valentine's Day decoration.

Galentines Day Banner17 of 19

Galentines Day Banner

Valentine's Day should be inclusive, and it is worth bearing in mind that many people will be single this Valentine's Day. Whilst the day itself can be an exciting opportunity to meet new love interests, many are happy being single, and this fun banner gives them the chance to put a fun twist on the celebration.

Hoya Kerrii (Single Heart)18 of 19
CREDIT: The Little Botanical

Hoya Kerrii (Single Heart)

Red is traditionally the colour of love. This Valentine's Day, however, why not add a bit of greenery to shake things up. This lovely Hoya Kerrii (Single Heart) succulent from The Little Botanical makes for a great Valentine's Day present, and a great decoration. The best part is that with a bit on nurturing and attention this plant could be with you for years (just like a relationship, if you catch our drift?).

Ombre Sparkles Valentines Balloon Bouquet19 of 19
CREDIT: Party Delights

Ombre Sparkles Valentines Balloon Bouquet

Why not make this year's Valentine's Day celebrations that bit more special with a balloon bouquet from Party Delights? This would make for a lovely decoration. The best part is it's delivered inflated, right to your door. Perfect.

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The key to a perfect Valentine's Day

Whether you're in a long term relationship or single and ready to mingle, there's a lot of pressure when it comes to Valentine's Day.

Can it live up to our incredibly high expectations? Most of the time no...

You might not find the love of your life, i might not be the best date of the year but the key is to remove the pressure. Just enjoy the day for what it is: a bit of fun.

So whether you're throwing a lavish party or just having a quiet evening in with your partner, just take things easy and let love lead the way.

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