23 romantic gifts for him this Valentine’s Day (that he’ll actually want)

If you’re stuck on what to buy your partner for Valentine’s Day, then stress no more!

romantic gifts for him

by Jade Moscrop and Lucy Smith |

If you're a lover of Valentine's Day but you're totally useless at thinking of gift ideas, don't fret. Men can be notoriously difficult to buy for, but that's why we're here.

From practical presents to cheesy romantic gifts for him, it can be hard to know what your SO would prefer. Plus, with Coronavirus restrictions STILL making that romantic trip to Paris a little less...carefree, buying a V Day present you can actually wrap seems somewhat easier.

We've rounded up some of our favourite products to buy right now, just in time for the big day. Treat the special man in your life to a gift that's not only useful, but thoughtful too. We're talking outdoorsy bits, fashionable pieces - even some trusty underpants.

And you can thank us later.

On a budget? Check out our under £50 and under £20 round-ups, too.

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23 romantic gifts for him this Valentine's Day

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Amazon

It might seem like a cliché, but you never really can have too many pairs of pants, can you? These Calvin Kleins not only look great but are super comfortable.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Master of Malt

You may not feel up to a Valentine's bar crawl in 2022 (given that its SELFISHLY on a Monday this year...), but that doesn't mean you can't still treat your SO to a classy tipple. Check out this bundle from Master of Malt - looks like everything you'll need for a gintastic eve, if you ask us.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Prezzybox

So you really want to be cheesy but you don't want your partner to cringe? Enter...a personalised sound wave print. You can get you and your SO's favourite song framed and nobody will ever know that Careless Whisper is your guilty pleasure.

romantic gifts for him
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Nothing makes you feel more put together than a new purse, and the same goes for wallets, too. Swap out that old, tired one for this snazzy Tommy Hilfiger replacement.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Stirrd

If your guy has a sweet tooth, treat him to a monthly subscription box that's sure to put him in a good mood. Stirrd creates unique fudge boxes that you'll definitely be sharing come delivery day.

romantic gifts for him
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Trainers are the sort of thing that we always want to buy ourselves, but we can never justify it when our old pairs are still ticking on...Treat your loved one to a nice shiny new pair this V Day and bin off those stinky Vans Old Skool - it's not 2012 anymore.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Great Magazines

Speaking of subscriptions, a monthly magazine delivery is the perfect gift for the avid hobbyist - whether he's a film buff, motorcycle enthusiast, fishing lover or he's golf mad.

romantic gifts for him
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A bit of a splurge, but a great one for the walking and hiking obsessive. If your man is the outdoorsy sort, then this is a thoughtful pick for all his treks, bike rides and even kayaking trips (whatever floats your boat ud83dude09). It's waterproof, has a handy laptop pocket AND it's made from 100 per cent recycled bottles. C'est parfait.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Not quite as cheesy as a teddy bear, but just as warm and fuzzy. If you're looking for an easy, token sorta gift - this is whatcha need. Everyone loves to be loved, just maybe not in bright lights for the whole world to see. This seemingly plain mug is the perfect compromise.

romantic gifts for him
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If your beau loves a bit of technology, this is a fun little present for him this V Day. You can fill the frame with your fave cheesy snap of the pair of you under a romantic sunset AND you can tidy away those pesky iPhone chargers. A win, win, if you ask us.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: The Perfume Shop

There's nothing better than giving your beau a hug and being greeted by the fresh scent of their cologne. It can be tricky to know where to start when picking a scent, but Allure Homme Sport is a classic and it's the gift that keeps on giving - for you and your SO.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Amazon

Strawberries are somewhat of a Valentine's Day tradition, so why not put a modern twist on an old classic with this funky strawberry vodka from Black Cow. It's de-lish, if we do say so ourselves.

romantic gifts for him
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Another boozy option here for the man in your life that loves variety. If your guy is a whisky fan, then the 12 exceptional quality drams they can try in this fun gift box will make a perfect gift. You can even share the tasting experience with him, because if he really loved you he'd share, right?

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Millets

Another one for the outdoorsy gent, this half-zip fleece combines a lightweight feel with cosy winter-y warmth and, tbh, it just looks good. Half-zips are everywhere at the moment and the khaki fabric will pair with pretty much any trouser, jean or, if he really doesn't feel the cold, short.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Paddy and Scotts

He might have a Nespresso machine, he might have a Cafetiere, but if he really loves his coffee, you're going to want to get him an AeroPress. An AeroPress allows for the same delicious flavour as a filter coffee but, and here's the good part, it'll do it in half the time. Plus, with this package of goodies from Paddy and Scotts, it'll be yonks before he needs new coffee.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Amazon

It might not seem romantic, but presenting your SO from his weekly temper tantrum when he loses his wallet for the 1000th time really is an act of love. With this starter set from Tile he'll get a Tile Slim for his wallet, two Black Mates for his keys and a Sticker for whatever else he's prone to 'misplacing'. Do it for him...but more importantly do it for you ud83dude02.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Moonpig

Nothing quite says I Love You like chocolates, and what could be more apt than a giant 850g whopper of a chocolate bar with I Love You plastered across the wrapper? We rest our case.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Buy A Gift

From a West End show to a Go Karting experience, this really is the gift for the man you just don't know what to buy for. He'll get a cute little brochure with a selection of the total 995 experiences to choose from, and it even comes in a handy gift box for you to wrap come the big day. You can't go wrong!

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Cartwright and Butler

For the gent who loves a night in, this is a top tier selection. A glass of vino, primo cheese and ALL the accoutrements, plus a big ole box o' fudge to finish him off (in the best way). C&B really do make the most delicious nibbles, and for less than £60 you're getting quite the haul, too.

romantic gifts for him
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Whether he likes to travel or he's just a well kept dude, this wash bag from Arran will have him longing for his next shower just to get a whiff of that refreshing woody scent. He'll get a shower gel, soap and all his shaving essentials and it all comes in a tidy bag to keep your bathroom in good nick.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Nyetimber

The perfect gift for a luxurious evening just you two, this set from Nyetimber promises decadence with the refreshing taste of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Plus, with two fine glasses, you'll have the tools to replicate your loved up evening forevermore...

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: Amazon

If he's a whisky fanatic, why not treat him to a glass or two of The Gladstone Axe's blended malt Scotch whiskies? This great set comes with two glasses so all you need to do is get some ice in the freezer and slice up some citrus wedges.

romantic gifts for him
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CREDIT: The Bottle Club

It simply wouldn't be a Valentine's round up without Champagne, so get ordering and this badboy can be dispatched today if you've checked out before midnight. With floral notes and a crisp, refreshing after taste, PH will ring in your next year as a couple with glass and luxury.

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