What? Not Stormi or Chicago? 2018’s top baby girl names revealed!


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The most popular names being given to baby girls in 2018 have been revealed and the moniker at the top of the list is surprisingly traditional.

Stormi didn't make the list of most popular baby girl names ©Instagram/KylieJenner

With so many celebrities opting for quirky or downright bizarre names for their offspring, we assumed that parents everywhere would be inspired to go a bit left field, but it seems we're all sticking to the classics.

Check out these unusual celebrity baby names...


From Bunny to Pilot to North West: The best of the weird and wonderful celebrity baby names

North1 of 17


hero-template2 of 17


princess3 of 17


mariah4 of 17


apple5 of 17


sparrow6 of 17


buddy7 of 17


ross8 of 17


myleene9 of 17


gere10 of 17


geri11 of 17


mark-owen12 of 17


pilot13 of 17


nic-cage14 of 17


fifi15 of 17


wenn2089312516 of 17


katie-price17 of 17


According to the experts at the Baby Centre who have compiled the list of the most popular names this year, it's Emma that has topped the charts.

And she's closely followed by similarly 'normal' names like Olivia, Sophia and Charlotte.

Here's the top ten in full:

  1. Emma
  1. Olivia
  1. Ava
  1. Isabella
  1. Sophia
  1. Mia
  1. Amelia
  1. Harper
  1. Charlotte
  1. Mila

But maybe it's too soon to measure the number of Stormis or Chicagos, the names chosen for their mini mes, by Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian respectively.

And with more high profile celebrity babies arriving in the next couple of months, with Khloe Kardashian and the Duchess of Cambridge both due to give birth in April, perhaps we'll see a change in the top ten.

And what about the boys we hear you cry? Well one of the Gallagher brothers will pleased at least, as Liam is topping the charts.

Here's the full top ten:

  1. Liam
  1. Noah
  1. Logan
  1. Oliver
  1. Mason
  1. Lucas
  1. Ethan
  1. Elijah
  1. Aidan
  1. James

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