Nearly a third of parents think all children’s clothes and toys should be gender neutral

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Research has found that children's clothes for girls cost more than clothes for boys and parents are OUTRAGED

We've already established that women generally have to spend more on themselves than men do - but apparently this pay gap is beginning much earlier in our lives than we first thought.

According to research undertaken on behalf of for International Women's Day, most children's toys and clothes are noticeably more for little girls than little boys.


The top 10 things that really make you a mum (slider)

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mum with child

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1) Being there when your child needs you

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2) Wanting your child’s happiness more than your own

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3) Coping with all the highs and lows of parenting

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4) Loving your child unconditionally

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5) Being emotionally available for your child

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6) Answering all their questions dozens of times

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7) Doing the drudgery of domestic chores like washing, cooking and cleaning out of love

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8) Going without so your child has what they need

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9) Being pregnant and giving birth

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10) Having a biological child

Looking through various different children's clothing stores, the study found that the price gap begins when children are just 12 months old, and 71% of parents have spotted a difference in cost.

They discovered that a blue and green striped jacket, from George at Asda costs £8-£9 for 1-6-year-olds, but a similar jacket in pink rises to £10-£12 in the same store.

But it's not just clothes that are affected, as parents have spotted toys costing more for girls than boys.

This has caused parents to start looking for gender neutral items, with 37% of parents agreeing that they would back a move to make all kids' items gender neutral.

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A third of mum and dads now shun stores which use gender-based pricing, and 22% have even taken to social media to name and shame stores with massive pay gaps.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of, said: "Treating baby girls as a commodity to be exploited aged just 12 months old is terrible.

"The so-called ‘pink tax’ is bad enough for adult women but a pink tax for tots is just plain wrong. There’s simply no justification for charging more based on gender.

"Luckily, parents are becoming more and more aware of the practise which should mean more firms becoming reluctant to do it."

**What do you make of this? Have you noticed a big difference in cost for boys and girls clothes? Let us know over on **Facebook and Twitter.


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