Jess Wright: ‘Mum’s really excited about being a grandmother’

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The former TOWIE star opens up about her brother Mark's return to the UK with wife Michelle - and the pressure on the couple to have children

Her mum Carol Wright has been desperate to be a grandmother since son Mark Wright and daughter-in-law Michelle Keegan got married four years ago. And speaking to Closer, daughter Jess Wright admits that her mum is over the moon after Mark’s recent return to the UK to be with his wife, following a two-year stint living in LA as a presenter on Extra TV.

“We’re all really happy to have Mark home,” says Jess, 33. “We missed him when he was away. My mum is over the moon about it.

“She can’t wait for grandchildren. She’s got four children, and Natalya [Jess’ younger sister] is still only 18, so yeah, my parents are definitely waiting for that time to happen. My mum will be an incredible grandmother when the time comes.”

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CLOSER axed TOWIE stars - where are they now Harry head

Harry Derbridge, 20111 of 26
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Harry Derbridge, series 1- 3 and 12

Harry Derbridge was a Towie original and still holds a very special place in our hearts. He made a welcome return to the show as Bobby Norris's love interest but, allegedly, cheated on him.

Harry Derbridge, 20182 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram

Harry Derbridge, 2018

Harry now works it as a make-up artist. Is it us, or does he look like he might have had a little help with lip fillers?

Maria Fowler3 of 26

Maria Fowler, series 1 - 3

Maria, on the left with Joey Essex and Chloe Sims in 2011, was in the show from the get-go but her TV career was rocked when it was alleged she'd worked as an escort. She's since said she quit 'by mutual consent' after she refused an on-screen romance with Mick Norcross.

Maria Fowler, 20184 of 26

Maria Fowler, 2018

Maria's now a proud mummy, engaged to be married and a self-proclaimed permanent make-up artist.

Dan Osborne5 of 26

Dan Osborne, series 8 - 14

Dan Osborne, pictured here with James Argent in 2013, managed seven series on the show. He was given the boot after a series of recordings, claiming to show Dan being verbally abusive towards his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin, came to light.

Dan Osborne, 20186 of 26

Dan Osborne, 2018

Dan is still in the spotlight due to his relationship with ex-EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa. In May 2018 he described their marriage as "unhappy".

Amber Dowding, series 18 - 217 of 26

Amber Dowding, series 18 - 21

Amber was part of a mega cull of seven Towie characters in January 2018. She claimed that she and her boyfriend Chris Clark were cut because they were happy. They've now split and Chris has reappeared on the show.

Amber Dowding8 of 26

Amber Dowding, 2018

If Amber's social media is anything to go by, she now appears to mostly be on holiday. Pretty goals from where we're sitting.

Mike Hassini9 of 26

Mike Hassini, series 16 - 18 and 21

Mike Hassini brought a hot bod to Towie and...not much else. He was cut in January 2018 due to a lack of storylines as he was loved-up outside the telly show.

Mike Hassini10 of 26

Mike Hassini, 2018

Mike is working as a PT, still loved-up, and still has a very hot bod. He has subsequently appeared briefly in gym scenes on the show.

Jack Rigden, series 20 - 2111 of 26

Jack Rigden, series 20 - 21

Jack Rigden tried hard, so hard, to make an impression on Towie but his lack of on-screen romance and agg saw him get very little camera time. He was part of the big cull of January 2018.

Jack Rigden, 201812 of 26

Jack Rigden, 2018

Jack's Instagram bio describes him as an "absolute geezer". Which is nice.

Jordan Brook, series 20 - 2113 of 26

Jordan Brook, series 20 - 21

Jordan and Jack were brought in as friends of Megan McKenna. When she quit, they were left without any storylines.

Jordan Brooks, 201814 of 26

Jordan Brooks, 2018

Jordan is now dating Sofia Filipe of Ex On The Beach fame. Aww.

Ricky Rayment15 of 26

Ricky Rayment, series 4 - 14

We still think very fondly of Ricky. His rocky relationship with Jess Wright was a huge part of the show but when they finally broke up, well... Ricky left the show "by mutual agreement"with Towie bosses.

Ricky Rayment, 201816 of 26

Ricky Rayment, 2018

Ricky now seems to mainly go fishing.

Tom Pearce, series 5 - 1317 of 26

Tom Pearce, series 5 - 13

Remember when Tom Pearce dated Lauren Goodger following her split from Mark Wright? That was an odd time. He was quietly shown the back doorof the show in 2014.

Tom Pearce, 201818 of 26

Tom Pearce, 2018

Honestly? We're not 100% sure what Tom is actually doing these days. He used to work in the City, and his holidays certainly look pretty epic, so maybe that.

Grace Andrews19 of 26

Grace Andrews, series 11 - 12

Grace almost had a romantic relationship with Lewis Bloor (shudder) and that was the beginning and end of her time on Towie.

Grace Andrews, 201820 of 26

Grace Andrews, 2018

Grace is now involved in a semi-permanent make-up company. Those Towie stars must really hate cleanser.

Fran Parman21 of 26

Fran Parman, series 11 - 16

Fran's original romantic interest was Tom Pearce but he stepped aside to allow Diags to woo her. Bad luck. Their relationship was turbulent but apparently not turbulent enough for show producers. Diags stayed, she went.

Fran Parman, 201822 of 26

Fran Parman, 2018

Fran and Diags split and she now hangs out in clothing that does not look very practical.

Jasmin Walia, series 1 and 7 -1723 of 26

Jasmin Walia, series 1 and 7-17

Jasmin managed eight series until she was given the boot. In 2015 her agent stated: "TOWIE is very storyline dependent and Jasmin did not have much going on that we could show on screen."Ouch. She went on to audition for The X Factor. It did not go well. She also took part in reality show Desi Rascals, that lasted for one series.

Jasmin Walia, 201824 of 26
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jasmin Walia, 2018

Jasmin is still being papped, which is more than can be said for some of the other ex-Towie stars.

Jake Hall, series 14 - 1725 of 26

Jake Hall, series 14 - 17

Jake's time of TOWIE was mainly characterised by him being mean to our sweet Essex princess Chloe Lewis including many accusations of infidelity, plus rumours he'd slept with Megan McKenna.

Jake Hall26 of 26
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jake Hall, 2018

Jake subsequently became engaged to former Real Housewives of Cheshire star Misse Beqiri. They have a baby together but in December 2018Jake was given a restraining order following a bust up with his fiancée.

Mark Jess Carole Wright

Speculation has been intense around Mark, 32, and Michelle’s marriage – not least because their relationship is often long-distance. Although Mark is now based in the UK again, Michelle, 31, will soon be jetting off to South Africa to reprise filming army drama Our Girl. But Jess insists she’s in full support of the couple and considers Michelle her family.

She says, “The speculation is part and parcel of the industry we’re in. I do get that people want to know the ins and outs of things. Mark and Michelle are my family and I love them, so of course I understand that fans want to know what’s happening with them.”

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Michelle will be away filming for four months, but Jess isn’t sure she’ll be able to fly out and visit her sister-in-law. “I don’t know if I’ll visit her,” says Jessica. “I have my own holiday plans. I’m going to Ibiza with some of the girls this summer and Dubai with family.”

Michelle Keegan Mark Wright

Since finding fame on TOWIE in 2010, Jess has been romantically linked to co-stars Ricky Rayment and Dan Edgar.

She split from Strictly’s Giovanni Pernice last April, following a brief romance. The pair were caught on camera months later, embroiled in a blazing row after coming face to face at the Pride of Britain Awards – with Jess yelling, “You broke my heart. You lied to me.”

And while the Essex star remains tight-lipped on her current dating life, she recently teased that she’d found love with someone new – posting a photo holding a man’s hand on Instagram, with the caption, “Weekends with you”.

Back in 2016, Jess was cruelly body-shamed by trolls over photos of her in a blue bikini taken in Las Vegas. At the time, she admitted that the comments had really upset her, saying, “It’s hard, but I just say, f**k them… body shaming is real.” Since then, Jess has embraced a newfound love of fitness and now works out regularly with a personal trainer.

Closer magazine

“Before I started my fitness programme, I was happy with my body, but not happy enough,” she explains. “I wanted to tone up everywhere and feel fit and strong, and I’ve dropped from a size 10 to an 8.

“My secret is working out loads! I’ve got my body to a point where I like it and then I try and maintain it. But I always eat what I want, within reason. I have a good balance – it isn’t about cutting things out, as that doesn’t work.”

Jess’ other fitness secret is to work out with a friend. “I head to the gym with Michelle sometimes,” she says. “But my biggest gym buddy is my sister, Natalya. We go together all the time. We spur each other on at the gym. It’s always helpful when you’re with someone.”

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