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Some of us dream of becoming a celebrity, some of us dream of flying to space in a rocket ship - and some of us dream of buying a label maker and labelling every mason jar in sight. Yes, if you're anything like home decor icon Stacey Solomon, then your dream Sunday is organising the cupboards and labelling every spice under the sun. But what is the best label maker you can buy online? Here's our ultimate guide.

Label makers are machines, big or small, that print out self-adhesive text of your choosing, that you can stick on surfaces around your home. Most label makers allow you to customise the text or images on the sticker, whether that's through a physical QWERTY keyboard on the device or an app on your smartphone.

Closer's best label makers, at a glance:

Editor's Choice: Dymo LetraTag Label Maker Starter Kit, £43.46 on Amazon

Best label maker for a gift: NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine, £68.99 on Amazon

Best label maker trending on Instagram: Dymo Omega Home Embossing Label Maker, £15 on Amazon

Label makers are one hundred per cent worth the purchase if you're looking to co-ordinate your home, for peace of mind. Indeed, keeping a structured and organised home can do wonders for not only the day-to-day pace of life but for your mental well-being too.

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A label maker will be useful in the long term, as there's always something to organise when it comes to renting or owning a home. A kitchen cupboard? A bathroom cabinet? Your products are just waiting to be categorised.

So let's get started on the best label makers you can buy in 2024, from retro-classics that are perfect for a gift, to rugged machines that'll see you through any apocalypse.

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editor's choice

Dymo LetraTag LT-100H Label Maker Starter Kit
Price: £43.46

Tried & tested by Closer writer Ruby Barry: "I've had the Dymo LetraTag for a couple of years now, and it has never faltered in being my organisational genie. Not only can you change the formatting to create different font sizes, print styles, borders and two-line printing, but there is a save button where you can save previous designs for re-use, which is so useful. You can also change the type of labelling tape used, my favourite being the silver tape. From my experience, the labels the machine created have lasted years. Sure, it's not the prettiest looking thing, but I've got it stored away for whenever I want to use it... which is all the time."


  • I love that this pack comes with a label maker, and three cartridges of tape, including white paper, white plastic, and clear
  • I have had this label maker for years, and have never had to replace the batteries
  • Reviews love the array of symbols and fonts available


  • Sometimes printing and cutting can leave gaps in between, which we find is a waste of labelling tape
  • Closer team rating
  • Amazon rating

best label maker for a gift

NIIMBOT B21 Label Maker Machine
Price: £68.99

If you've got a friend or family member who loves to organise and keep things orderly, the NIIMBOT Label Maker is the perfect gift. Presented in a gorgeous, retro style, the NIIMBOT can be connected to your phone via an app, making it an ultra-modern option for the younger generation. Reviewers love how quick it is to set up, printing within minutes of getting it out of the box. We know it will look so cute on a shelf, as much a trinket as a label maker.


  • A unique style that is reminiscent of a retro amplifier or radio
  • We love in particular that it's rechargeable, and doesn't rely on batteries
  • The 25 - 50mm labels can be customised far more than standard label makers


  • Reviewers complain that a big chunk of features and templates on the app are hidden behind a monthly subscription
  • Amazon rating

best label maker trending on Instagram

Dymo S0717930 Omega Home Embossing Label Maker

Rrp: $23.99

Price: $22.16

If you've seen label-making content on Instagram (if you don't have #labelmaking saved on search, what are you doing) then you'll likely have seen the iconic black and white vintage-looking Dymo labels at work. Also, it is the most affordable label maker on our list. The turn-and-click embossing works differently than the typical thermal printing method of most makers, but the result is a unique, antique-esque label that is oh-so-chic.


  • The labels have an aesthetically retro style that elevates any living space
  • Labels are sunlight and water-resistant
  • The maker requires no batteries or charging


  • It has a turn-and-click typing method which can take some time to get to grips with
  • Amazon rating

best label and photo printer

If you're looking for a label maker and photo printer combo, splurge a bit more cash for this impressive Brother model. As well as the labels, the photos will also have a sticky-back label, making decorating or journalling ultra easy. Again, this label maker uses an app (the Colour Label Editor app to be exact, available on iOS and Android), which is filled with thousands of designs including fonts, artwork, frames, emojis and backgrounds.


  • Not only do you get labels, but sticky-back!
  • We love that you can print a wide range of label sizes: from 9mm to 50mm
  • Printing is very quick, at 8mm per second


  • Replacement cartridges can be more expensive than other papers
  • Viking Direct rating

best compact label maker

PRT Label Makers Machine
Price: £29.99

Want something small and sweet? The PRT label maker is tiny at just 8.7 by 8.4 cm and comes in a bunch of cute pastel colours. The HEREPrint app connected with the maker can make various texts, numbers, symbols, graphics, QR codes, logos and even barcodes. Perfect if you're a small business. Reviewers rave about the quality of the print, praising that there is no smudging or fading on any of the labels printed thus far.


  • We love that this is small enough to fit in your pocket
  • You can customise labels with complex additions, like barcodes and QR codes
  • Reviews say the printing is crisp and clear


  • Some reviewers lament the cost of the label tape, at £12.99 each
  • Amazon rating

best label maker for cable labelling

Looking straight out of the 90s, this label maker from Brother is surprisingly high-tech. One feature that we particularly love is its cable labelling function, ideal for making labels that wrap around cables. No more wires hanging all over the place. Ah, bliss. Be warned though, as it's a high-tech piece of gear, reviews warn it weighs a little more than other label makers. Sometimes you want a bit of weight to electronic items though - it makes them feel that little bit sturdier.


  • This label maker can make specifically designed labels for label organisation
  • We love that these labels have been developed to withstand extreme temperatures, and are water, sunlight, chemical and abrasion-resistant
  • Reviewers are impressed with its array of fonts and features


  • Reviews complain there is too much tape left on each side of the label
  • Currys rating

best label maker for vertical printing

Having vertical labels as well as horizontal ones can come in mighty useful for labelling things like racks or binders. Luckily for you, the Brother PT-100R model does just that, as well as the other classic features of a label maker. One review states that with their new Brother, anything that sits still is getting labelled. Amen to that. Reviews especially like the sharp cutting edge - no more clicking multiple times to get a label out, only to have frayed edges.


  • Comes with a unique vertical label maker function
  • Reviews praise its crisp and clear printing
  • One reviewer says they've owned this for years and it is still going strong


  • Reviews complain there is too much tape left on each side of the label
  • Argos rating

Do label makers need ink?

You'll be thrilled to know that most label makers on the market don't use ink at all. They use a special method called thermal printing, a heat-activated chemical reaction to imprint on the paper label cartridges inserted.

What label maker does Dilly Carter use?

Professional organiser, and all-around legend Dilly Carter, who presents alongside Stacey Solomon in Sort Your Life Out, uses the Dymo LabelManager 160. Speaking to Prima about her lifestyle journey, she said "If you’re looking to get organised you need to label everything so you see clearly what you have. It also means other people can find things and put them back in the right place, too."

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