We’ve found the gadget you need to label everything just like Stacey Solomon

Yes, everything in your house needs a label on it

Photos: Stacey Solomon/Instagram

by Sophie Knight |

If you’re following Stacey Solomon on Instagram then you’ll already know about her love of sticking labels on literally everything.

Photos of her fridge show all her meal prepping stacked neatly in boxes with the days labelled. All her refill bottles, stationery boxes and, quite frankly, anything that sits still long enough will have a personalised label on it.

Our team here at Closer are obsessed with her daily routine videos and finding out what she’s organised today.

Pics: Stacey Solomon/Instagram
Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers ©Pics: Stacey Solomon/Instagram

"I just get so much joy out of putting things in their places," Stacey laughed when quizzed by Loose Women co-hosts.

For example, when it was her 'Pickle's' first birthday (AKA her son Rex), we fell in love with the personalised labels on his doughnut wall. (Well, that and the doughnuts...).

Now, it might be the madness from being stuck inside the house for two years. Either way, we want to cover everything with individual labels too.

We’ve found the gadget you need if you want a bit of labelling in your life just like Stacey Solomon.

Get yourself a Cricut machine and suddenly you’ll be sticking name tags on everything. Even on your kids and partners, why not.

SHOP: The Cricut Joy and label like Stacey Solomon

You can print labels with this portable machine and stick 'em on everything - your Tupperware, make-up organisers, bubble bath bottles... Anything you like. If there's one way to get the Mrs Hinch life, organising everything to the finest detail is the way forwards.

All you have to do is choose whatever word or design you want in the Cricut app, load your machine up with material, and voila. Why not personalise your kids' pencil cases, your mugs, and spice rack? The world is your uniquely labelled oyster.

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