The very best gadgets to keep your energy bills down

Hacks on how to reduce your energy bills, because adulting is hard...

How to reduce your energy bills

by Piper Huxley |

In April, Britain is facing a rise in its cost of living. Our bills are going up, which means we are going to be out of pocket by the end of the year, which is totally rubbish.

We’re already spending around £1,277 a year per household on things like heating and power, according to Ofgem. This isn’t going to just affect household bills, but food bills are going to be increasing, too.

We’re heading for tough times.

So, here at Closer, we’re all for finding small ways to save our money.

Honestly, we know how easy it is to over-use an appliance or a household item. We’re all guilty of leaving a light on and forgetting about how pricey everything can actually be.

Like, even when these problems can be solved so easily, we always seem to not follow through.

Well, it’s really time to switch it up. What do we think?

We’ve got some affordable solutions, which can get you saving your money, honey.

Learning how to budget

If you’re not sorting out your finances already, why not babes?

Budgets are super helpful as they keep you on good terms with your income and spending. By setting up spending limits, you can handle your money better.

That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself occasionally. We all need a bit of retail therapy every now and then.

Plus, taking a gander at your finances will give you a chance to compare prices and find a better deal.

Whether in Microsoft Excel, in a budgeting app like Emma, or in a planner, writing down your expenditures will help.

Having your finances written down will defo help you get a better understanding of them, which will help you save money to achieve your long-term financial goals.

If you’re a creative person who enjoys a good bit of crafting and journaling, a physical planner would totes suit you.

So smart.

Saving on your electricity bill

OK, so, tackling your electricity bills is the best way to start, tbh. Why? Well, there are way more ways and gadgets that we can use to cut down our usage - and then we're saving.


Using energy-efficient tech and appliances is totally the way to go.

If your gadget is dying of death, then you can probs replace it with a more efficient model.

Take a look.

Top tip: Switch ‘off’ unused devices off at the plug.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs are so... smart.

They give you complete control of your appliances from your phone. How cool is that? Basically, you can choose when the outlets turn on and off, whether manually or with a timer.

When thinking about getting a smart plug, make sure you know if your gadgets already have a built-in sleep option. Smart plugs are only worth it when used for an appliance that doesn't have a built-in sleep option, like an electric heater, TV or dehumidifier.

If you make the right choice, the savings can be mega.

Efficient gadgets

Binning a good appliance won’t save you money, but when it is time to start looking at replacements, picking one with a high energy-efficiency rating can be worth it. Trust us.

Top tip: Keep your eyes peeled for energy labels on appliances.

Well, the energy label tells you how much energy that gadget uses, and compares it to similar appliances. This ranges from the most efficient (A+++) to the least efficient (F).

Energy-saving light bulbs

Getting some energy-saving light bulbs can take down your bills, no problem.

We're obsessed with LED bulbs. Did you know that they only cost around £1.71 a year to run? If you're willing to switch, it could slash your bills by around £200, which is iconic, tbh.

On top of that, LED bulbs don't cost much money at all, clocking in at around £3. Basically, they pay for themselves within a few months. We're not mad about that.

Saving on your gas bill

Next on the agenda are gas bills.

Of course, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your house warm during the winter months.

You can avoid high bills by slowly upgrading your gadgets, installing a smart thermostat, investing in some draught excluders, and wrapping up cosy with blankets.

Maybe an electric heater would suit your lifestyle.

Let's deter ourselves from turning on the heating just yet.

Draught excluders

Heat can escape through gaps in doors, windows and even through the floorboards. So, draught excluders are designed to be the solution: to prevent heat from escaping your home, so you can stay warmer, for longer - and for cheaper, obvs.

Heat can escape through gaps in doors, windows and even through the floorboards.

Believe it or not: research has shown that up to 27 per cent of heat loss in your hallway is down to letterboxes alone. Crazy, right?

Top tip: The trick is to invest in a draught excluder on the internal opening.

The Energy Saving Trust spilt some perks to getting a draught excluder.

Apparently, getting a draught excluder can help you save around £25 a year.

BRB, currently adding them to our shopping baskets now.

Double-glazing is the more permanent solution to heat loss that we would recommend looking into (if your home doesn't already have it).

In the meantime, here are some quicker, easier and cheaper draught excluder hacks.

Windows – Use draught-proofing strips.

Doors – Use draught-proofing strips and draught excluders.

Chimney and fireplace – If you have an open chimney, blocking it up with something like a pillow could save you £18 a year.

Floorboards and skirting – Use a flexible silicone-based filler to fill the gaps.

Loft hatches – Use draught-proofing foam strips.

Portable heaters

If you need to heat only one room in your home (i.e. your home office), maybe consider a portable electric heater to keep the gas bill down.

Use electric heaters in moderation, though, because electricity costs more than gas.

Halogen heaters are the most energy-efficient heaters. They have low power ratings, which mean they run a bit cheaper than other kinds of portable heaters. Result.

Also, consider checking out some infrared heaters. Infrared heaters are fab because they can tackle larger rooms - so they're ideal if you have an open-plan living space.

Smart thermostats

Let's be honest, this winter, we are all going to want to keep an eye on our heating.

If your energy company doesn’t offer a smart meter or a thermostat with their plan, we suggest grabbing one of these thermometers to keep on top of it all.

Take a look, huns.


Blankets are our absolute favourite things to keep warm in the winter.

Related: Night-time anxiety? Here's how a weighted blanket could help

Whether ordinary or heated, they can be great ways to stay snug when its a bit chilly.

Heated blankets are typically energy efficient, good for your health and affordable.

We're sold. Wrap up warm, lovelies.

If not, check out our article on the cosiest blankets and throws.

Saving on your water bill

There are a few ways to get on top of your water bill, from buying an efficient showerhead, using up a washing-up bowl rather than the running tap and cutting down your shower time.

We're sure that these suggestions are going to make a difference to your bills.

Let’s save that dollar.

Check out this energy-efficient shower-head, which is available on Amazon:

These products are just a few, affordable suggestions for reducing your bills.

Though most of these solutions are not permanent, they may help your bills go down a little, which is what we all want.

Good luck, babes.

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