Podcasts to make you money savvy

Often feel confused by financial jargon but keen to save more or earn better? Here’s our pick of the best podcasts to get you clued-up

best money saving podcasts

by Daisy McLure |

If you’re popping on a podcast in the car or while cooking dinner, listening to one about money might not be the first thing that occurs to you, but there is now an abundance of jargon-free, genuinely entertaining podcasts out there, all designed to help you save and make money and improve your financial knowledge.

A survey by saving and investing app Moneybox found that seven out of 10 millennial women say they were never taught to manage their cash, and another survey by UBS bank showed that two thirds of us admit to deferring to our husbands or male partners regarding long-term financial decisions, with 85 per cent of us feeling our male partner knows more about investing than we do. If that sounds like you, download one or more of these brilliant money podcasts to help you learn how to save, invest and grow your money.

Get bitesized, everyday advice

The podcast: All Things Money by Ola Majekodunmi

With episodes such as “How to find the best savings accounts” and “What is life insurance and is it necessary?”, Ola covers every money topic in short (20-30 minute) episodes. Each episode is specific so you can find the ones that really relate to you. Want a pay rise? Buying your first home? Looking to invest in cryptocurrency? There’s an episode for you! Each contains plenty of information, advice and tips without being dry or confusing.


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Feel inspired by success stories

The podcast: Raise The Bar by Frankie Cotton

You can learn something new from a variety of expert guests, with this podcast presented by entrepreneur Frankie, founder of Let’s Be Frank, the marketing partner for ambitious tech companies. Each week she sits down with different women (from start-up founders, business leaders, researchers, creators, politicians and activists) for a candid and engaging chat about work, business and finances. Each episode is completely different, but all are inspiring and examine how we can live and work better. Among our favourites are the episodes with Tobi Asare, founder of My Bump Pay, who gives advice about juggling motherhood and work, and Lucy Aylen, founder and CEO of independent fashion company Never Fully Dressed, who talks about starting out on a market stall and ending up with celeb fans including Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen.

Be more confident about cash

The podcast: Save Spend Invest by Bukiie Smart

Many of us can feel overwhelmed or bamboozled by money topics, but the host of this podcast wants to change that. She says her aim is to help you reach your earning potential and achieve financial freedom. Bukiie introduces topics such as how to make extra income, ways to increase your savings and advice on investing, and she talks to experts in a really engaging and helpful way so you come away from each episode feeling empowered.

Stop emotional spending

The podcast: In Her Financial Shoes by Catherine Morgan

With over 100 episodes available, there’s not a topic host, financial planner and money coach Catherine Morgan hasn’t covered. What we love about this podcast is Catherine’s ability to tackle the emotional side of finances – such as spending addiction and managing self-sabotage. She also has episodes on more niche topics such as, “What are the signs of financial abuse?” and, “How do I find a long-lost pension?” as well as handy tips on investing, starting your own business and saving money.

Get in the know on complicated topics

The podcast: Money Girl by Laura Adams

Ever wondered if you could actually enjoy listening to a deep dive into the world of finance? Well, you can now! Author and money and business expert Laura is a really friendly and warm host who simplifies often complicated and off-putting topics such as investing and tax, and makes them easy to digest and understand. And with each episode under 30 minutes, it’s a chance to improve your financial knowledge quickly and effortlessly.

Learn to save more

The podcast: Frugal Friends by Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni

Pals Jen (an author) and business owner Jill know everything about saving the pennies. Jen paid off £58k worth of debt in under two years, while Jill says she is a master when it comes to living sensibly and finding a bargain, so this US-based podcast is full of hints and tips when it comes to making your money go further. Jen and Jill interview guests regularly – from listeners telling their tales of ditching debt, to Walli Miller, who went from being an overspender to a millionaire! – and also give tips on everything from quick side hustles to budgeting ideas, all presented in a fun, chatty style.

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This strip-less wax has almost 1,000 raving reviews on Amazon, so we're pretty sure it's a knockout product. This set is particularly great for sensitive areas like the underarms, bikini area and face.Review: "I've been using Nad's for a long time and I decided to try this brand on a whim (and because I liked the cute little pan it comes in) I must say the hair removal completely surpasses any other brand I have tried and it's also not too harsh on the skin (I used it on my underarms and they're so soft and smooth) I would highly recommend this product."


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4 ways to improve your credit score

Get on the electoral register

Even if you voted in the most recent elections, you could have dropped off, so go to gov.uk/register-to-vote to add your name. It can bump up your score as lenders use it to confirm your identity and that you live where you say you do. It’s also seen as a sign of reliability.

Pay bills on time

Missing a credit card repayment looks bad on your file, and the “marks” left by missed or late payments can hang about for six years, so either set up a direct debit or, if you can, repay your card in full each month. The same applies for all your bills – gas, electric, water, broadband, council tax, mobile phone, so set up direct debits, or pay bills as soon as they arrive.

Close credit cards you don't use

Cancel credit cards you don’t use any more, and for the ones you do use, try to keep your balances below 25 per cent of your available credit limit. If you have a £2,000 limit, for example, try not to have more than £500 in debt. It shows you’re in control of your spending.

Cut out your ex

If you have split from a partner with whom you previously shared a joint bank account or loan, get a “notice of disassociation” added to your file. That way, if their credit score goes down, it won’t impact yours. You can request it from Experian or Equifax.

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