TOWIE’s Dani Imbert throws shade at Courtney Green

Major agg alert 🚨

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by Nathan Katnoria |

It’s kicking off left, right and centre on TOWIE at the moment. From Bobby Norris falling out with Chloe Sims and her sister Frankie to Clelia Theodorou pieing off newbie Rem Larue, there’s never a dull moment in Essex. It seems that there’s no end in sight to all the agg either as Ella Wise’s feud with Chloe Meadows has taken a turn after Courtney Green, Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell and his new girlfriend Dani Imbert were all been dragged into the row.

Viewers will know that Ella didn’t take too kindly to Chloe warning off her potential love interest Roman Hackett and accused her of taking a liking to the 18-year-old newcomer herself, despite the fact that Chloe is in a long-term relationship with boyfriend George Wales. This led to a showdown between Chloe and Gatsby as she felt he could have defended her.

Well, one person who did have Chloe’s back was her BFF Courtney, who insisted that her remark about Roman was just a “passing comment”, but it didn’t end there as she revealed Gatsby had made a comment of his own about “texting other people” despite going exclusive with Dani.

Of course, Gatsby and Dani didn’t take too kindly to Courtney’s bombshell and they’re set to come face-to-face in next week’s episode. That didn’t stop Dani throwing shade online though, as she accused Courtney of spreading “fake news” about her boyfriend.

But Courtney quickly hit back, “He said it 🤷🏻‍♀‍,” to which Dani fumed, “And you stirred it 🐸☕️.”

Courtney had the last word though as she told Dani, “Can’t blame me for something your boy said 🤦🏻‍♀‍.”

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Gatsby and his girlfriend have been dragged into the row ©ITV Pictures

Fans were left divided by Dani and Courtney’s row, with one urging Gatsby’s girlfriend to “adjust that crown and keep it moving”, while another told Courtney, “You just had your best mates’ back and I loved it.”

A third accused Courtney of being “messy”, while one more said Dani was “showing her age”.

Hmm, somehow we don’t think this will get resolved any time soon.

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In other TOWIE news, Nicole Bass has cleared up rumours of a “fallout” with Pete Wicks after she walked away from their chat in last week’s episode following a confrontation with Rem.

Viewers were concerned that Nicole and Pete’s friendship was on the rocks after she branded him a “shrivelled up old man” and accused him of “not having my back”, but she’s admitted she was just “bantering” in an exclusive chat with Closer.

She explained, “I wasn’t annoyed at him, actually. Me and Pete have been friends since I was young, we’re really good friends and that was actually a joke. That was just us bantering.

“Maybe if people don’t know us or know our friendship, they might have thought that it was serious, but it wasn’t serious. There’s no making up to do because we’re still friends. I actually laughed about that though because some people thought that we’d had an argument.”

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