Chloe Brockett: ‘Harry is a good looking boy – I have a soft spot for him’

TOWIE star Chloe Brockett opens up about her relationship with ex Harry Lee amid his break up with Frankie Sims

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by Zara Zubeidi |

Chloe Brockett is no stranger to drama – especially when it comes to her relationships.

It’s thought the TOWIE star, 19, was behind ex Harry Lee’s recent break up with Frankie Sims, with insiders revealing the former couple had an explosive row over Chloe before calling time on their romance.

Now, as heartbroken Frankie, 25, comes to terms with the split, Chloe has revealed the true nature of her relationship with her former boyfriend.

Speaking to Closer a week before Harry and Frankie’s break up, she said, “Harry is a good looking boy. I am close to him. I don't dislike him even if I want to.

“That shows in the way I defend him. I do have a soft spot for him and probably always will. I genuinely want him to be happy. Do I honestly believe he is happy right now? No, I don't, but I hope he is happy in the future.”

Tensions have been running high between the two women, as Chloe dated Harry, 25, just weeks before going public with Frankie.

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Harry and Frankie recently split ©Getty Images

Chloe and Harry were even thought to have flirted with each other at a recent event, while he was still dating Frankie.

Frankie defended her relationship in a previous episode and told Chloe, “He's good to me, I ain't insecure and he don't control me, so don't put words into my relationship.”

But Chloe feels sorry for her rival.

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She says, “I still stand by the fact I feel sorry for her. I do. She stands by Harry and believes everything he says even though a big group of girls are all saying the same thing. I get it. At the end of the day you would believe your boyfriend. But I think she has misguided trust.”

As for whether Chloe would get back with Harry?

She says, “I don't know if we would ever get back together. We've changed so much. I don't even really know what he's like anymore. It was such a nice experience us joining the show together. It was so exciting and new and I think that's why I will always have a soft spot for him.”

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On Olivia Attwood…

There’s no love lost between Chloe and Olivia Atwood. Chloe describes her as “angry and bitter” and doesn't have any regrets following their heated argument back in October.

She says, “I don't like her and don't care about her so I'm not going to get upset if we argue or fight. She is insignificant in my life and I'm sure she feels the same way about me.

“I don't regret anything. She has shown herself to be an angry and bitter person. If I got to her age and was still behaving like she was, I would probably be angry and bitter too.”

On Demi Sims…

Chloe is fed up of Demi’s “tedious” meddling in Dan Edgar and Amber Turner’s relationship.

She says, “I liked Demi. I always got on with her but she seems to have got bitter this series. It’s like she wants to get involved in everyone else's drama. Her constant picking on Dan and Amber's relationship is getting tedious now. Demi can say I put things on for screen time but at least I get screen time. Don't be bitter because the only air-time you get is sat there like a nodding dog with your sisters!”

TOWIE continues Wednesday and Sunday on ITVBe.

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