TOWIE’s Bobby Norris hits out at ex Harry Derbidge

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TOWIE stalwart Bobby Norris has hit out at his ex from the show Harry Derbidge after he said filming with him was “awkward”.

In scenes from the most recent episode, Frankie and Demi Sims asked Harry where his cousin Amy Childs (who also recently returned to the show) is.

“Last I heard she was out with Bobby,” he said. “To see her hanging around with my ex-boyfriend, I do think it’s really strange. We were together for not even a year but we had such a rocky rollercoaster and a lot of people ended up turning on me.

“Listen, I will hold my hands up and I made a mistake, I should not have been texting my ex-boyfriend behind Bobby’s back. But it’s not like I went and slept with him behind Bobby’s back. It was literally a text. And then I had to go through all that shit. And it really hurt me, guys.”

However, Bobby, who recently split from his partner Matt Snape, wasn’t about to go down without a fight and took to his own Instagram to give his version of events.

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Harry Derbidge Bobby Norris
They dated in 2014 ©Getty

“This is RIDICULOUS!” he fumed. “We all know that he slept with his ex behind my back.

“As for ‘not wanting to be around me’, I’ve been on this show for ten years so if you want to keep your distance maybe don’t come and work with me…?”


Fans were divided, with one writing, “Harry is engaged now so why does it even matter?” and another chiming in, “Harry and Bobby would be great friends... get over it Harry was years back, live and learn from mistakes.”

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Harry Derbidge TOWIE
Bobby wasn't having it ©Bobby Norris/Instagram


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“You don't get to pick your cousin's friends, Harry,” said another. “Amy isn't going to choose sides ANYWAY. Why would you expect her to? 🤷🏾‍♀‍”

Back in February is was reported that Bobby was “seriously considering” leaving the show following the cast shake up.

"He's unhappy that his ex Harry Derbidge is back on the next series," a TV source said at the time.

"He didn't find out until the last minute when he saw papped shots of Harry attending a social media press day for the show at The Sugar Hut."

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