RHOC stars ‘on good terms’ after series’ of feuding

“Did you finally apologise to the coat? 🤦‍♀️”


by Marianna Manson |

Real Housewives of Cheshire fans are seemingly overjoyed to see that feuding ‘wives Nicole Sealey and Lystra Adams appear to have kissed and made up after two series’ at war.

In a picture shared to Nicole, Lystra and Tanya Bardsley’s Instagrams, the three women are all smiles as they sit cuddled up together in a booth, dressed in their finest.

“Nice to see you all on good terms,” wrote one fan. “You are better together than tearing each other apart!”

Another wrote, “Good to see the bickering has stopped between the three of you. If 2020 didn’t teach you anything let me spell it out for you - life is too short for bickering between friends.”

“Have you finally made up? Lovely to see xx”, said another, while one more added, “Did you finally apologise to the coat? 🤦‍♀️”.

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Magali Gorré

"If you're gonna cross me, you'd better not cross me. You don't mess with Magali."Magali starred in Real Housewives of Cheshire in 2015. Although the housewife only appeared in series one and two, after shouting-matches and rifts, she definitely left a lasting impression on her co-stars. Magali even found herself wrapped up in a twitter-spat with RHOC star Ester Dee in spring 2018, when Ester claimed she didn't know who Magali was.

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Fans of the show will remember last May when Lystra bizarrely demanded Nicole apologise to her COAT after one explosive confrontation.

But she later told OK! magazine that Nicole did actually concede, saying, "At this point, that coat need to be insured. That coat's got a life of it's own.

"They apologised to me and my coat. I was like, 'Listen, you're going to apologise to me and my coat,' because I really felt disrespected. I'm not going to lie to you."

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Speaking exclusively to Closer online ahead of the launch of series 13 – when she and Lystra were still very much beefing – Nicole said, "I think you'll find a little bit of a rollover [with the Lystra Adams situation], because stuff wasn't resolved.“

"At the time I actually didn't bring it to the table, and I had that information for quite a long time. It kind of came out organically later on. Obviously, not by me, and so I wasn't that bothered either way about what's going on there."

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