RHOCheshire’s Hanna Kinsella and Lystra Adams’ shock u-turn

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Real Housewives of Cheshire star and celebrity dentist Hanna Kinsella has opened up about her relationship with Lystra Adams and revealed that her baby son Max is set to make his telly debut.

“It’s so nice watching him grow and develop,” Hanna exclusively told us about her seven-month-old son. “He’s made a few appearances [on RHOCheshire]. He loves it, he absolutely loves it! The cameras turn on, he’s smiling and laughing, I swear to God he knows what’s going on. He’s like a little natural.”

The new mum also spoke about what we can expect from the upcoming series after previously admitting Lystra Adams, who joined the cast last year, was “Ugh, not for me.”

“Me and Lystra turned a bit of a corner, at the beginning of this series we decided to move on and it’s become water under the bridge, but there’s been a few spats along the way,” she said. “We’re sort of up and down me and Lystra; we get on and then something comes up that we disagree on. We’re both very different, we’ve got different opinions on things and we’re both obviously very opinionated.”

She added, “I think Nicole and Lystra are definitely in a much better place than they were at, they were at each other’s throats for a while.”

But despite the explosive on air rows we’ve come to know and love from the Real Housewives, Hanna insisted it’s all love between the cast.

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Axed Real Housewives of Cheshire stars - where are they now slider

Magali Gorru00e91 of 14

Magali Gorré

"If you're gonna cross me, you'd better not cross me. You don't mess with Magali."Magali starred in Real Housewives of Cheshire in 2015. Although the housewife only appeared in series one and two, after shouting-matches and rifts, she definitely left a lasting impression on her co-stars. Magali even found herself wrapped up in a twitter-spat with RHOC star Ester Dee in spring 2018, when Ester claimed she didn't know who Magali was.

Magali Gorre2 of 14
CREDIT: Getty Images

Magali Gorré

Four years on, Magali is still living the highlife. The football-mum prides herself on her luxurious lifestyle, which she regularly shares with her 100k+ Instagram followers.

Missu00e9 Beqiri3 of 14

Missé Beqiri

Missé Beqiri joined the RHOC cast in April 2016 for series three, but by series five in March 2017, Missé had been demoted to a 'guest housewife'.

Missu00e9 Beqiri4 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram @ Misse Beqiri

Missé Beqiri

The model divorced her footballer husband of two years, Anders Lindegaard and got together with no other than Jake Hall - yes, Chloe Lewis' ex from TOWIE. Missé and Jake went on to get engaged and have a daughter together, River. But it hasn't all been plain-sailing for the two reality stars - as Jake received a brief restraining orderto stay away from Missé in December 2018. The pair are back together and co-parenting baby River and Missé's son from her marriage with Anders.

Ampika Pickston5 of 14

Ampika Pickston

Ampika Pickston was an original housewife - joining the RHOC family in series one and lasting until 2017, when she left after series five.

Ampika Pickston6 of 14
CREDIT: Getty Images

Ampika Pickston

After a long on/off relationship with partner Mark, Ampika revealed in July 2018 that she was engaged after a new whirlwind romance. Whilst Ampika continues to keep her mystery romance under wraps, she promotes her own weightloss company - Skinny Revolution throughout her social media.

Leanne Brown7 of 14

Leanne Brown

Fans were shocked when OG cast member Leanne Brown didn't return for series six in spring 2018. After an upsetting feud and long court battle with ex-bestie Dawn, Leanne decided to call it quits on the ITVBe show.

Leanne Brown8 of 14
CREDIT: Getty Images

Leanne Brown

Leanne still keeps her fans up to date with her enviable WAG lsityle - and reportedly even has a tell-all memoir in the pipeline.

Stacey Forsey9 of 14

Stacey Forsey

Stacey Forsey became a guest-housewife in series one (no - we don't remember either) before joining the cast full time for series three - six.She was demoted to 'friend' status by series seven.

Stacey Forsey10 of 14
CREDIT: Getty Images

Stacey Forsey

Nowadays the artist-turned-writer promotes her lifestyle brand and book, Sweet Treats, through Instagram.

Nermina Pieters-Mekic11 of 14

Nermina Pieters-Mekic

Nermina lasted just under a year on the hit ITVBe show before producers made her a 'guest-housewife'.

Nermina Pieters-Mekic12 of 14
CREDIT: Getty Images

Nermina Pieters-Mekic

According the Nermina's website, the aspiring pop-star has begun a new chapter of her life focusing on re-establishing her music and modelling career in the UK and worldwide, whilst enjoying her suburban life with her husband, dogs and horses.

Lauren Simon13 of 14

Lauren Simon

OG housewife Lauren lasted an incredible eight series on the show and was loved by fans for saying exactly what she thought. Remember that squirm-inducing scene with Taylor Ward and Sam Reece? Exactly.

Lauren Simon14 of 14

Lauren Simon

We were devastated when Lauren quit the show before series nine. Her on / off friend Dawn Ward said: "Lauren has some personal stuff going on."Lauren's an amazing person, I am missing her to bits. I speak to her daily but she has other commitments at the minute that she needs to concentrate on."In January 2020 it was revealed that Lauren's back. Yaaas.

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“The thing is with these relationships is that this is the nature of the show,” she continued.

“There are certain times where we disagree and you’ll have it out with someone and then you make up, it sort of moves like that. It’s up and down, it’s fluid, and that’s the thing about the relationships between the girls. At the end of the day, we all love each other, and if any outsider were to say anything negative we’d all stand up for each other but yeah, we do have differences in opinion – but it makes for good viewing!”

This series will see a number of personal and professional milestones for the cast, with Tanya Bardsley filming an “extra special project”, and Leanne Brown returning to the show to fight Rachel Lugo as part of a televised boxing match.

And Hanna is launching her first book, titled “controversially” Brains are the New Tits, which viewers will get to see the launch party of on screen.

Brains are the New Tits Hanna Kinsella
Brains are the New Tits is out on 29th September ©@OliverBennettMoreVisualLTD


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She told us, “In the very first lockdown I had a lot of time on my hands and the idea to do it actually stemmed from the fact that I did a lot of the Q&As on my Instagram and I used to get a lot of girls asking me about business advice, or top tips to get started or to improve confidence.

“I just started writing a few things down and then over lockdown it turned into a bit of a project. Then I started talking to different women from different walks of life and started taking in their stories, their experiences, and collating their information into a book.”

The motivational new self-help book, Brains Are The New Tits****, by RHOCH cast member and celebrity dentist, Dr Hanna Kinsella, is out on September 29th exclusively on Amazon priced at £9.99

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