REAL reason Love Island isn’t on Saturdays revealed and we are IN SHOCK

Erm, what?!

Love Island

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Since Love Island returned to our TV screens back in 2015, the nation has been hooked every summer, following the lives of the Islanders at 9pm every evening.

However, despite sitting down six nights of the week, Love Island doesn't air on a Saturday night, leaving viewers gutted.

BUT NOW, in news that has left us shocked to core, 2017 winner Kem Cetinay has revealed the reason why.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning, Kem revealed the Islanders actually get a DAY OFF from filming, where they can leave the villa so the cleaners can go in!

Erm, what?!

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Love Island secrets stacked

Josh Denzel
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If you cast your mind back to the summer of 2018, you may remember that the World Cup was on. And it must have been torture for a big fan like Josh, then a SPORTbible presenter, to go without knowing the scores.Or maybe not."One of the runners was like a big football fan," Josh revealed, speaking on the Prevayl: Better Begins Here podcast."So sometimes we'd go and get a drink in the evening. The runner would pop his head around and he'd show me a highlight of like something. So, I found out (football updates) at that point, but he wasn't there all the time."

Connnagh Howard
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Connagh has confessed that the one weird thing he found about the villa was when he discovered that while eating dinner the boys and girls are separated.

eve gale
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Eve has confessed that one thing viewers might not be aware of is that they're filming late into the night."Sometimes we would go to bed and it would be getting light outside, the birds would start, so it was late nights sometimes," she told Closer."Although that's me guessing, because we didn't know the time. Sometimes we would get lie ins if we were up quite late, but usually we'd get up quite early."

Danny Williams
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Danny revealed that producers call them to the beach hut by talking over speakers that are placed all around the villa."There's a tannoy. There's speakers everywhere and production will speak over the tannoy."

Jourdan Riane
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Jourdan spoke about what the Islanders get up to on their Love Island phones inside the villa and honestly, it doesn't sound like a lot."The only thing on our phones is the gallery and a camera to take pictures with and you can message each other within the villa."But everything you message - production can see anyway."She added: "Every other setting on the phone is completely locked."

Kendall Rae Knight
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They might look like they're living their best lives in their bikinis but they're actually not. Kendall Rae Knight from Love Island series four confessed, "The first week it might have looked really warm but it was freezing.""For the whole first week all I wanted to do was put jackets and hoodies on." Although she did go on to add, "When the sun came out it was quite nice."

Sam Bird
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According to Islander Sam Bird, viewers don't get to see all the couples in the hideaway."You don't really see every single person in there because there's 24 hours in the day there's not enough time. When there's like 20 people in the villa they've got to go somewhere."He added, "Everyone says that there's hidden doors but there isn't."

Megan Barton Hanson
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Bombshell Megan Barton Hanson admitted that the audition process is "really fun", she explained, "The producers were really lovely and I think you just have to be honest, open and tell them exactly what you want. "I was so honest about the nightmare dates I had and how scatty and clumsy I am and I think they love it. You can't put on an act they're going to see through it so just be yourself."

Eyal Booker
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Eyal Booker also revealed what happens during the Love Island auditions."You're sat in a room with 50 other guys filling out a form and they take you in one by one. Then it's just call back after call back, meeting with this person and that person, filming you filming you filming you and then all of a sudden they're like you're going on the show tomorrow."Well, that's a slight exaggeration because he actually found out he was going on the show "two to three weeks" before it started. He had to keep top secret about his role on the show too, "We weren't allowed to tell anyone in case it got out in the press so I told my closest friends."Eyal also spoke out and admitted he barely had any interaction with the producers during his time in the villa. He told Closer magazine, "The only time we saw producers was during challenges, when we needed to know what was going on and what we were doing.""We also saw them during dates, when we left the villa and there was a camera crew and chaperones there."

Zara McDermott
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Zara McDermott revealed the real reason you don't often see the contestants in the pool and it's actually to do with their microphones. "It's amazing in there but because you're in the pool you can't have a mic on. So usually if [you] were going to get in quite a lot of people get in together.""You're not allowed to really talk or have any conversations if you don't have a mic on."She added, "So obviously if you're going to have a chat you're encouraged to get out and then that's when they'd film."

Scott Thomas
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Scott Thomas told Closer magazine that during his series - in 2016 - the contestants actually left the villa and it wasn't show on TV."Every two weeks, we had a beach day, where the producers would take the girls and the boys separately to spend a day on the beach to relax away from the cameras and switch off.""When you've been in one house for such a long time, I think it's healthy to get out so you don't get cabin fever! Other than that, you're under villa arrest."He also went on to reveal that sometimes the producers would give the contestants "pep talks". He admitted, "They would egg you on or encourage you to go after the girl you liked – they'd kind of give you a confidence boost." "If you had a good chat with someone in the villa, the producers would sometimes ask for you to have it again so they could film it properly or from a different angle."

Theo Campbell
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It's safe to say that Theo Campbell was an outspoken contestant during his time in the villa in 2017 and it seems that the producers may have had a little to do with that."You know if you're liked. The producers told me I was doing well, and encouraged me to keep going."He even admitted that when Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood split in the villa, the producers "banned them from speaking" before claiming they were told "they needed to do a big reunion scene, otherwise no contact".

Montana Brown
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Montana Brown found out two months before going on the villa that she was going to be a Love Island 2017 contestant and decided to get into a fitness regime. "I went on a health and fitness kick. I'd start the day with fasted cardio, which is spinning or running for an hour before eating breakfast. "I'd do hill sprints, too. In the evening, I'd do 90 minutes of weight training. I was also doing around 50 squats a day to get a peachy bum."

Zara Holland
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It sounds like things have definitely changed since series 2 back in 2016 as according to Zara Holland, two producers lived in the villa with the contestants."We had two producers and they lived downstairs. We regularly chatted to them throughout the day." She added, "They had to come in around dinner and change our mics. They'd ask us how we were doing."Zara continued, "They'd also create scenes by asking a group of us to go and sit down in a specific place and have a conversation about a specific thing. It did sometimes feel very controlled."

Kem Cetinay
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Kem Cetinay has insisted that looks aren't everything when it comes to choosing Love Island contestants. He said, "I'm sure we'll have loads of great characters they're really good the casting team. They don't just pick on looks and models, they really pick on personality."

Jess Shears
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If you're wondering why you never see the Love Island contestants absolutely wasted it's because they don't get much while they're in the villa. "We were rationed with alcohol – they didn't want us to get out-of-control drunk, so we'd only be allowed three small glasses of wine a night," Jess Shears admitted. "On the nights where there was a celebration or new islanders, we got a few bottles of bubbly for the group. My co-star Olivia Attwood and I would always try to sneak a few more glasses than everyone else!""One-on-one dates would always have more booze, though, especially a first date. They wanted to loosen you up a bit and be more flirtatious."She even went on to claim that when the islanders infamously scream "I'VE GOT A TEXT" it may actually be staged. "It looks like we get texts out of the blue, but we had to be reminded to check our phones as we never really had them on us. "So when we got a text, we wouldn't know about it straight away. The producers would tell us to get our phones and then say 'I've got a text' for the cameras."Jess also went on to confess that there were a lot of meltdowns during her time on Love Island. She said, "We had a psychologist on hand that we could speak to whenever we needed to." "There were a lot of meltdowns in the villa over missing family and friends, lack of contact with the outside world and general cabin fever so the psychologist was on hand whenever anyone needed them."

Alexandra Cane
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She was unlucky in love during her time on Love Island 2018 but Alexandra Cane has revealed why we never see the contestants eating lunch or dinner.She said, "We do have to be monitored on what we eat. This is to make sure everyone in the house is eating sufficient amounts of food and no one is going to get ill."So, lunch and dinner times were never shown because we had to eat certain amounts."She added, "Sometimes we would be split up so the girls would sit on their own and the boys would sit on their own to eat food, but it was mainly for monitoring purposes".

Paul Knops
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So Alexandra revealed the reason we don't see the Islanders eat during their time in the villa and Paul has spilled the tea on what they actually eat.Chatting to Closer Online, he said: "Diet wise isn't so great in the villa."In the morning you have breakfast - cereal, eggs, bacon - but you can actually request food and they'll put it in the fridge overnight."He went on to reveal that the catering team go into the villa for their lunch but described the food as bland.

Amy Hart
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Amy Hart sensationally quit the show following her brutal dumping by Curtis Pritchard and has now opened up about what happened after she left the villa. She admitted: "I watched a video featuring former Islanders Samira Mighty, Dr Alex and Jamie Jewitt explaining what life will be like."

Kem said, "They give you one day off. You get one day off per week. What happens is, it gives them a day to clean the villa, and you take your mics off, and normally we go to the beach."

As Holly and Phillip appeared shocked, Kem added, "So what happens is, when you take your mic off, you are not allowed to talk about anything to do with the show, you have to talk about home life.

"You are being watched by the producers, because they don't want you to talk about what is going on. They are quite careful about what you talk about, because they want to keep it so everyone at home can see it.


Molly Mae Love Island

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Of course, just like us, Love Island fans were left in shock at Kem's admission. One tweeted, 'Kems on #thismorning chatting about #loveisland and they get a day off on Saturday where they can take their mics off and all go to the beach etc and chill 😶😶how did i not know this 😲😲'. [sic]

Another wrote, 'Wha! The Love Island lot get a day off each week! Saturdays = mics off, head out the villa and all hit the beach together!!! #LoveIsland'. [sic]

A third added, 'I’m pretty sure Kem has just ruined love island #thismorning'. [sic]

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm every night EXCEPT Saturday.

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