We caught a glimpse at the Love Islanders’ phones and turns out their wallpapers are creepy

We weren't expecting this

love island phones

by Lucy Smith |

It's common knowledge that the Love Island cast aren't allowed their own phones in the villa and rather, go in equipped with personalised Samsung devices which have neither the time of day nor the ability to text home.

What isn't perhaps common knowledge is what the Islanders have as their Samsung phone wallpapers and let's just say, they're not what we expected.

Yep, we caught a glimpse of Amy Day's phone background during last night's fire pit elimination and... we'll just let you make of this what you will.

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Millie's bright halterneck transported us to ALL the sunny destinations

During her first night in the villa, Millie chose to champion a previously unknown brand, Murci, to speed date three lucky Love Island lads. The print on this two piece is to die for and it's an absolutely STEAL. COLOUR 2 PIECE, Murci, £29.99

love island phones
Amy gave viewers a glimpse at her phone wallpaper last night. ©ITV

Yes, reader, that is indeed a picture of Amy, herself, on her own phone, in a bikini.

Granted, it is too soon for her to be splashing a blown-up snap of Hugo Hammond across her phone screen but well, she must really love that promo picture.

In reality, it's probably more likely that it's just a regulation wallpaper that all of the Islanders get given to distinguish whose phone is whose but, still, imagine staring at yourself in a bikini all the livelong day.

Some of the show's eagle-eyed fans spotted the wallpapers last night, with one tweeting, "I actually couldn't deal with my phone screen being a photo of me 😅 I know it's so they know who's phone is who's but it's such an odd thing 🤢."

Before Love Island 2020 last year, series five islanders Jourdan Riane and Danny Williams revealed what's really on the stars' phones and to be honest, it's not much at all.

love island phones danny
Danny told Closer how the Love Island phones work. ©ITV

"The only thing on our phones is the gallery and a camera to take pictures with and you can message each other within the villa," Jourdan told Closer, "But everything you message - production can see anyway."

"They can even see whilst you're typing," continued Destiny's Chaldish's Danny.

"You can't send secret messages or anything. They can see everything, there's eyes everywhere."

Well if that isn't creepy we don't know what is.

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For anyone who didn't catch last night's Love Island episode - we'll get you up to speed.

In a nutshell, the public had to vote for the couples they wanted to save and the three couples not chosen were Hugo and Amy, Mary and Sam, and Tyler and Clarisse (shock, all the Casa Amor newbies).

Now, ahead of tonight's episode, it'll be the remaining Islanders' jobs to decide which two individuals they would like to stay in the villa and the four they'll send home.

It is certainly heating up...

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