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"Moving mad" has definitely become the phrase of this year’s Love Island. Coined by Hugo Hammond and Faye Winter, Urban Dictionary says that to "move mad" means to suggest that yourself or someone else is acting out of character or doing something without thinking.

Viewers saw Hugo repeatedly say the phrase when he got to know multiple girls in Casa Amor before finally settling with new girl Amy Day.

One viewer joked, “Hugo heard his Year 9’s say 'move mad' and just uses it any chance he gets. Doesn’t even have to make sense.”

If we’re being completely honest, the person who has moved mad the most this year is Toby Aromolaran who has cracked on with FOUR girls so far and his head is still a mess. It could also be applied to Faye, who decided to recouple with bombshell Sam Jackson straight after seeing a postcard from Casa Amor with a picture of love interest Teddy Soares kissing Clarisse Juliette. Viewers questioned her decision of not hearing Teddy’s side of things before "moving mad".

“#LoveIsland why are the producers doing my guy Teddy like that, imagine he comes back alone and because Faye thinks he’s moving mad, she couples up with one of the new guys and he’s standing there like bread ,” wrote one fan.

However, this year’s Islanders aren’t the only contestants who have ‘moved mad’. Oh no, Love Island history is littered with guys and gals who have acted impulsively and without thought of someone else’s feelings.

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Islanders who have moved mad in the villa

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Series Two star Terry definitely was the OG of moving mad. Terry coupled up with Malin Andersson very early on in the series and they seemed to be very much into each other. Well, they seemed to be and then Malin was booted out in a harsh public vote. It only took Terry two days to get his head swayed by new girl Emma-Jane Woodhams who he soon coupled up with AND had sex on top of the duvet with. However, Malin didn't let Terry get away scot free as she returned for a fiery showdown where she told him straight how much he had hurt her. Emma and Terry left the show together and stayed in a relationship until 2017.

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Wes was happy in his relationship with Scottish babe Laura Anderson (they coupled up on the first day) before his head was completely scrambled by new girl Megan Barton-Hanson. During a chat with Laura about his feelings, Wes admitted that he is happy with her but 'could be happier'. Ouch.

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Before entering the villa in 2018, Megan had her sights set on Wes, but she definitely didn't make it easy for him. During the Casa Amor twist, Megan chose to couple up with Alex Miller and had Wes sweat before finally settling down with him. The pair stayed together months after with possibly the best break up statement of all time.

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Ahhh Adam Collard, the original Love Islander who moved so mad he caused so many tears. He played his way through four girls during his time in the villa, Kendall Rae-Knight, Rosie, Darylle before finally settling down with Zara McDermott before being booted from the show.

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Just two days after making Anna Vakili his girlfriend, Jordan's head was turned towards new girl India Reynolds. Pulling her for a chat right under Anna's nose, Jordan proceeded to tell India that he wanted to get to know her. It caused world war three, obviously.

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Kem walked away the winner of Love Island in 2017 alongside his now ex-girlfriend Amber Davies, but he ALMOST ruined it all when he chose to couple up with Chyna Ellis in Casa Amor after a sticky patch with Amber. He soon regretted his decision though. We ALMOST forgot about it, honestly...

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Ah Curtis, you will forever be remember as the guy who broke Amy Hart's heart ('I was coming back here to tell you I loved you'. Curtis' actions in the villa caused HUGE controversy, especially when he returned from Casa Amor to Amy without a girl in tow, only for admit that he didn't see a future. He later moved on with Maura Higgins and they left the villa boyfriend and girlfriend before splitting up in January 2020.

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The 2021 contestant who has definitely moved the most mad in the current series is none other than semi-pro footballer Toby Aromolaran.

Toby recently admitted that he still has feelings for Chloe despite having his head turned by two other girls, Abigail and Mary. He told the lads, "I'm in a place where I'm with Mary, brought Mary back, didn't expect Abi to be by herself, but she's by herself. She seems like she still wants to get to know me, but my head is with... Chlo.

“I walked down with Mary and obviously, I was like, ‘Agh, Abi’s by herself, what the f--k’. But then in the corner of my eye, I’m like, ‘Chloe’s with someone as well’. I’m like, ‘Woah, I don’t like that’. I knew that was going to happen, I knew she was going to be with someone. But I didn’t know I was going to feel the way I felt. Which in myself says a lot about how I feel towards the girl. It’s not dead in my eyes. So, that comes to the point of, if I don’t try, will I regret not trying?”

Plot twist, or what?

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