Love Island: how are producers catering to the Islanders with different hair types?

A question we've always wanted answered...

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Love Island and its diversity (or lack of) is always topical when the series begins so we've done some digging to find out how producers are catering for their cast members.

Now it's well known that the Islanders get a break from filming so they can get their hair and nails done by professional but we've always wondered if the hairdressers have experience working on different hair types.

love island yewande smiling
yewande's wig changed during her time in the villa ©ITV

When Love Island 2019 aired on TV and Yewande Biala's wig changed it came to light that producers contacted her hair stylist outside the villa.

"We had to deliver when @loveisland contacted us. We are 100 per cent behind our #NOBLEBABY so it was important we delivered in less than 3 days," her hair stylist wrote on social media.

Yewande's ex Danny Williams also opened up about his time in the show and admitted that one of the hairdressers didn't do a good job when they cut Michael Griffiths' hair - who is mixed race.

"Whilst I was there we had two [hairdressers] and the first guy was absolutely terrible. I watched him absolutely shank Michael's haircut and I was like 'nah, you're alright' and I didn't get a trim that time.

"And then the second time I got a trim was the day before I got dumped," he told Closer.

love island michael and danny
danny (right) claims the hairdresser ruined michael's (left) hair ©ITV

But it appears that things have certainly changed because during Love Island 2020, Priscilla Anyabu managed to switch her hairstyle up in the villa.

"I think my hair made me stand out [during the audition process] because at the time I had dreadlocks down to my bum. It was blonde and black.

"I kept on changing my hair [during the audition process] one day I had dreadlocks, the next time they saw me I had a middle parting and then when I flew out [to South Africa] I had a ponytail," she revealed in Closer Online's Love Island Secrets.

love island priscilla
priscilla changed her hair a few times in the villa ©ITV

She added, "I just kept getting away with it and pushing my luck. Every single time I changed it and they loved it so I think they were like 'this girl, she's going to pull out the bag'."

Although not everyone was allowed to change their hair and Luke T admitted he almost cried in the villa when the producers didn't let him get the haircut he wanted.

Things have definitely changed though, despite Love Island fans worrying about Kaz Kamwi's time on the show.

The hair company that supplied Yewande's wigs are apparently working with the Love Island producers this year too.

"@LoveIsland hired a black owned business @freebornnoblew to be a part of the team providing hair extensions and wigs on love Island season 7!!!

"I can only thank God for this amazing opportunity. Roll on 9PM 🎉," they wrote on social media.

And not only have they supplied Kaz's wigs but you can also buy the exact same wig from their website.

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