Love Island’s Jay Younger exposes ‘mandatory chats’ set up by producers

The Love Island 2022 star has revealed a major secret about the show

by Ben Pulsford |

Remember back when lockdown restrictions were first cemented into our lives? We had to contend with a few variations, but the toughest in the UK was easily being legally confined to our homes for 23 hours a day, only allowed out in the open for one hour a day to "exercise" (sure, Jan). We can't really imagine what it's like to be a dumped Islander, but that initial feeling of freedom must correlate with that one-hour-a-day feeling a couple of years ago; the feeling of being unshackled from restriction - to do what you want and go where you want.

We've spoken to a fair few dumped Islanders over the years and they all allude to the same thing - that feeling of initial freedom is wild. You get your phone back, you socials back, you can call home, walk around naked in your hotel room and use a loo camera-free. Love Island is a gift to many of these gorgeous humans, but that release must feel like true bliss.

You're also one stepped removed from producers dabbling in every aspect of your life and with your socials now back in your hand, it's all too easy to share Love Island secrets with your loyal followers (who seemed to have popped up over night). Bombshell Jay Younger is a good example of such an Islander; he's back on his socials, away from the cameras and feeling loose-lipped - an attitude we find very attractive at Closer. Who are we kidding, the muscles and the endless glisten also help.

Not only did Jay recently spill a tanker full of tea on a very special episode of heat's Under the Duvet, but he recently took to Twitter to share a top-secret show secret. Maybe he spilt so much tea at Under the Duvet it stained the embargo?

Jay China Love Island

Jay, who was dumped from Love Island with Chyna Mills on 11 July 2022, recently revealed on Twitter that those boys' and girls' morning debriefs (boys by the pool, girls on the terrace) that remind so many of us of those cringe early lockdown Teams meetings are completely set up and Jay "hated" them.

Jay admitted, "Hated these mandatory morning debriefs #LoveIsland."

Thank Ekin-Su (she is our God now, btw) he said it.

The key word there is "mandatory". One follower, wanted clarity that the debriefs were completely producer-fuelled (and, no, they weren't one of ours!), asking Jay, "Do the producers actually tell you to go and sit somewhere and say one by one how your life is going?"

To which Jay said (in between sweaty sets, we can only assume), "Yes".

No wonder they're all wearing incredible sunglasses during these scenes; they allow for unrestrained eye-rolling.


Producers are unlikely to scrap this Love Island staple any time soon, but if you're reading this, ITV, how about scrapping asking them what Islanders are going to do that day. They've made it very clear that there's nothing to do in that villa but "chill", "vibe" and "crack on". Ick.

This is hardly the first time we've heard about producers getting a little too involved in Islander chats. Casa Amor's George Tasker recently revealed to Closer why cast were split up in unaired scenes. Shall we just scrap the 'reality' part and just call it what it is from now on? Tele.

If you're looking for a Love Island hottie with bants, then gorgeous Jay is worth a follow. He recently admitted he's going to slide into dumped bombshell Nathalia's DMs with this joyous tweets...

Crack on, love. Oh, Ekin-Su, now we're saying it.

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