EXCLUSIVE Love Island’s Jazmine Nichol reveals the ‘unusual’ place there are cameras in the villa

There are camera’s everywhere in the villa, and we mean EVERYWHERE!

Jazmine Nichol Love Island

by Isabel Bramley |

The show goes on, even when using the toilet…

Casa Amor bombshell, Jazmine Nichol, has exposed the true extent Love Island producers will go to in order to make sure no moment is missed in the villa.

This year’s season has definitely captured the highs and the lows, and boy have we loved it. We're not going to lie, though, we thrive from getting all the secrets from all the dumped Islanders. This year, we've had Antigoni Buxton tell us that she tried to smuggle HALLOUMI cheese in her case (obsessed) and Casa Amor's Jack Keating and Samuel Agbiji revealing all the DELISH food they get to chow down on.

Mealtimes in the villa have always been shrouded in mystery as its the only time when the Islanders aren't filmed, but that doesn't mean the cameras aren't rolling 24/7. Yep, it’s safe to say, the Islanders don’t catch a minute of privacy – even when using the TOILET!

Geordie Jazmine Nichol, who was dumped from the show after Casa Amor, told us that she was actually the first to discover the sneaky cameras in the toilet, telling Closer's Love Island Secrets, “I was the first girl to have a wee. I was just like, 'You know what I’m taking one for the girls'.”

Braving it out, she went first and then gave the other more reluctant girls the run down “I explained the process, and I was like, 'It's fine girls, we’ve all got body functions that need to wee'.”

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Despite the cameras watching their every move, fans were concerned over Jazmine's whereabouts, as she received no airtime during her Casa Amor debut.

After leaving the villa (where she spent three whole days #shortandsweet), she explained she did in fact have a connection with someone, but it just wasn’t shown.

Her and Andrew Le Page apparently hit it off, not that the producers wanted us to know about it, since he ended up recoupling with Coco Lodge (who is non-existent now Tasha Ghouri's around again).

After being kicked out of the villa, Jazmine took to Instagram in good spirits, thanking her fans for the support, and reassuring us this was only the start of her journey.

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