Love Island star spills the tea on scandalous behind the scenes secret

This is the first time we've heard any Love Island star reveal this...

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by Asher Brandon |

Although her time on Love Island was short lived, Afia Tonkmor has still managed to make quite the impression and find out a fair bit of insider knowledge about life in the villa.

Closer Online exclusively spoke to the 2022 bombshell and Love Island 2019 star Anna Vakili and it's safe to say that they spilled the tea on what the show is really like including a major secret about the famous beach hut.

FYI - the beach hut is where you usually see the Islanders speak directly to the camera about the drama in the villa.

When we asked about a surprising behind the scenes secret in the Love Island villa, Afia revealed, "There’s two beach huts. I didn’t know that there’d be two.

“And I thought that the beach hut was just this friendly room where you’d just walk in when you need to vent. I didn’t know that you’d get called to it.”

Not only that by Anna then added a huge revelation, “Yeah, you get called to it whenever it’s your turn and there’s someone there asking you questions.”

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Sorry, what?

Now we already know that they were called to the beach hut thanks to Closer's Secrets about Love Island but we, and we're pretty sure viewers too, thought that the Islanders were speaking to a camera.

Honestly, we thought the Love Island cast could go in on a whim Big Brother style.

We’ll never look at confessionals the same way again…

Afia added, "I thought that you’d literally just like, as something happens you naturally go and vent."

Well, well, well, you learn something knew. This was some truly juicy behind the scenes gossip and we’re glad Afia and Anna chose to share it with us.

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