Hollyoaks spoilers: Sylver McQueen makes a HUGE decision about his marriage

Is there anything Mercedes can do?

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Sylver McQueen and Mercedes McQueen's relationship has always been turbulent.

Remember when they thought they were cousins but later discovered that Sylver was adopted?

Then there was evil Breda McQueen who tried to protect her son at all costs, Cher McQueen was gaslighting Mercedes and more recently Mercy cheated on her hubby with Romeo Nightingale.

Well enough is enough and next week Sylver decides to end his marriage for good but will Mercedes be able to salvage it?

Elsewhere Cher McQueen's online friend 'Jade' is finally exposed, Warren Fox plots to cut ties with Fergus Collins and Donna-Marie Quinn tries to bag a job.

Plus Sid Sumners has a shocking confession and Timmy Simons continues to cause trouble for Peri Lomax and Juliet Nightingale.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 20 – Friday 24 September 2021


Hollyoaks spoilers: Sylver McQueen calls it quits on his marriage

Hollyoaks spoilers mercedes mcqueen1 of 7
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Hollyoaks spoilers mercedes mcqueen

Mercedes can't bring herself to tell Bobby McQueen about the state of her marriage but Sylver beats her to it and tells their son the truth... Later, Mercedes manages to clear Sylver's debt - is it enough to give their marriage another go?

Hollyoaks spoilers cher mcqueen2 of 7
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Hollyoaks spoilers cher mcqueen

Cher tries to reunite with her family but she's shunned. After hitting rock bottom things take a dangerous turn... By the end of the week the identity of Cher's online friend 'Jade' is revealed - but who is it?

Hollyoaks spoilers fergus collins3 of 7
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Hollyoaks spoilers fergus collins

Warren decides to cut ties with Fergus. When Fergus discovers that Warren has left an incriminating voicemail for Joel Dexter, he's determined to get it so he has leverage.

Hollyoaks spoilers damon kinsella4 of 7
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Hollyoaks spoilers damon kinsella

Damon struggles to celebrate his birthday after recent shocking events and he gives Liberty Savage an ultimatum.

Hollyoaks spoilers donna marie quinn5 of 7
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Hollyoaks spoilers donna marie quinn

Donna-Marie tries to bag a job at the Salon De The but she's tested against Becky - who will come out on top?

Hollyoaks spoilers sid sumners6 of 7
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Hollyoaks spoilers sid sumners

Sid receives a letter from the police and it's good news... After confiding in Cher about feeling alone, he ends up getting drunk at The Loft. While he's drunk, Sid has a shocking confession for Juliet.

Hollyoaks spoilers timmy7 of 7
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Hollyoaks spoilers timmy

Timmy continues to sabotage Peri and Juliet's relationship. When he overhears that Peri will pay for Juliet's holiday with her student loan, an angry Timmy interferes...

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Hollyoaks: everyone who is leaving, arriving and returning to the village

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on Hollyoaks this week...

It was just last month that Sienna Blake, Liberty Savage and Brody Hudson finally thought they were rid of Summer Ranger but it turns out she survived the gunshot.

And this week Summer is back in town and ready for revenge... It all begins when DS Cohen explains that there's been a new development in the case and they believe they've found Summer's body.

hollyoaks sienna and summer

However things turn tense between Brody and Sienna when they realise it's not Summer body and a drunken Warren Fox implies he's slept with Sienna.

Their week takes even more of a turn when Summer lurks in the shadows with a gun armed at Sienna.

Will the residents manage to free themselves from Summer or will she cause even more trauma?

Meanwhile things heat up between Grace Black and Nate, Mandy and Ella Richardson's relationship continues to be strained and Prince McQueen is keeping another secret.

Plus Ste Hay pulls a practical joke on James Nightingale, Timmy has huge news for Fergus and Diane Hutchinson stands up for herself.

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