Hollyoaks: Mercedes McQueen FINALLY discovers Cher’s evil ways

It’s been a long time coming…

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Cher McQueen has been gaslighting her step-mum Mercedes McQueen for months.

Viewers recently saw the horrific lengths Cher was willing to go to – stealing Diane Hutchinson’s baby and setting up Mercy – but next week the truth is finally revealed.

Shortly after Mercedes comes home from the psychiatric hospital, she makes a shocking discovery and it’s not long before she puts two and two together and discovers Cher is behind her torment.

What will Mercedes do with the shock revelation?

Meanwhile Brooke Hathaway has doubts about Imran Maalik, Donna-Marie discovers Mercedes and Romeo Nightingale’s secret and Fergus Collins and Warren Fox plots to rob Price Slice.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 26 – Friday 30 July 2021


Hollyoaks: Mercedes McQueen FINALLY discovers Cheru2019s evil ways

Hollyoaks cher mcqueen1 of 9
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Hollyoaks cher mcqueen

The week begins with the McQueen family feeling delighted that Mercedes is returning home but it doesn't take long for Cher to get back to her meddling ways…

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Hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen

When Mercedes discovers that Cher framed her for kidnapping baby Eva, she then realises that her step-daughter has been manipulating her for months and decides to confront her – what will Cher say?

Hollyoaks sylver mcqueen3 of 9
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Hollyoaks sylver mcqueen

Sylver McQueen reveals he still wants a baby but Mercedes isn't keen… Later after Sylver gets some bad news from the fertility clinic he looks into IVF.

Hollyoaks trish minniver4 of 9
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Hollyoaks trish minniver

Trish Minniver is excited about her dance team getting back into the competition but following last week's drama she has a huge question for Ste Hay…

Hollyoaks brooke hathaway5 of 9
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Hollyoaks brooke hathaway

Brooke starts to question their relationship with Imran, and a conversation with Ripley makes them come to a realisation.

Hollyoaks donna marie6 of 9
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Hollyoaks donna marie

Donna-Marie tries to get an invite for Romeo's party (even though it's not really for him) but while sitting outside The Dog, she discovers Romeo and Mercedes' secret – what will she do with the information?

Hollyoaks warren fox7 of 9
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Hollyoaks warren fox

Warren and Fergus decide to rob Price Slice to scare the Deveraux family but while Warren is in the middle of stealing from the safe, the police are lurking very close…

Hollyoaks martine and felix8 of 9
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Hollyoaks martine and felix

Felix Westwood, trying to ensure Martine Deveraux has fun, decides to get her involved with a wig fashion shoot. It's not long before they share an intimate moment but it leaves Martine feeling very guilty.

Hollyoaks mandy richardson9 of 9
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Hollyoaks mandy richardson

The Hutch is in financial difficulty and Mandy Richardson spends her shift trying to get Tony Hutchinson to read a piece of paper that she's written on which is later revealed to be an IOU for extra shifts.

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on Hollyoaks this week...

Ever since Summer Ranger discovered Brody Hudson was involved in her dad’s accident she’s been planning her revenge and the day has finally arrived.

As Brody prepares to get married, Summer’s grand plan begins to fall apart so she begins to improvise… It’s not long before Joel Dexter and Warren Fox make a shocking discovery about Summer and plan to confront her.

Later as new accusations about Brody come to light, he’s forced to flee the village – but will he get away?

Elsewhere an innocent bystander gets caught in the crossfire and Sienna begins to doubt Summer – is this the end of their relationship?

Meanwhile Nancy Osborne begins to worry she’s given Darren a second chance too easy, Leah Hay falls and injures herself, Brooke Hathaway has an announcement and Cher confides in ‘Jade’.

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