Casa Amor’s Josh reveals why he was TOLD OFF during Gemma and Luca’s argument

Things got really awkward in the Love Island 2022 villa

by Hannah Mellin |

We think we get to know our favourite Love Island stars when they're in the villa, but here at Closer we've learnt that it's when they get back to Blighty that their real personality comes out and we realise that producers gave them a bad edit.

Take boxer Joshu Leg Grove, for example, who came across as shy and retiring during his time in the villa (and a bit of a player when he pied off Danica Taylor just days after she brought him back to the main villa). He's even said himself that he came across as "moody".

However, when Closer caught up with Josh, Coco Lodge and Chyna Mills, it was evident that he's completely different IRL, and had us laughing all through the latest episode of Love Island Secrets, where we somehow manage to get all the behind the secrets from the freshly dumped Islanders.

When talk turned to if any of them got told off in the villa, Josh revealed he once was rebuked by producers for being too loud (yes, really) when Gemma Owen and Luca Bish was in the middle of an argument.

He explained, "I got told off for swimming too loudly whilst Luca and Gemma were having an argument. I was being too energetic." LOL.

Chyna then added that she got told off for "calling someone frigid" but added, "I can't say who" and Coco admitting that she was so angry one day that she used the C-word and was immediately told off.

WATCH: Casa Amor's Chyna, Josh and Coco reveals why they were TOLD OFF in the villa | Love Island Secrets

Apparently the C-word is the only word that is banned in the Love Island villa, with 2021 Islander Tyler Cruickshank, who coupled up with Kaz Kamwi, revealing that it is strictly off limits.

He told Daily Star, "When we were saying things in there, we would get told off quite a lot because they weren't politically correct," Tyler said of the rules.

"Like you can't say 'Chinese whispers' like, I get it but it's something that would slip out of your mouth."

"You can't say the C-word either. You get called to the beach hut and get told off."

Things have certainly changed over the years because Ellie Brown infamously used that word during an argument with Georgia Steel.

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