Love Island viewers convinced producers have stepped in amid ‘bullying’ row

Love Island stars Dami Hope and Luca Bish have come under fire from fans


by Nathan Katnoria |

Love Island viewers have spoken out against Luca Bish and Dami Hope in recent days after growing concerned that the pair are “bullying” fellow Islander Tasha Ghouri following comments they’ve made in challenges.

Dami claimed that Tasha was “walking all over” Andrew Le Page when the Islanders played a game of Suck and Blow, while Luca chose Tasha as the Islander who was “riding their partner’s coattails” to the final. Tensions between the trio flared once again in last night’s episode when both boys chose to pie Tasha in the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge, leaving her in tears until Luca and Dami apologised.

However, fans have taken to social media to suggest that the apologies weren’t as genuine as they first seemed, with some even claiming that Luca and Dami were instructed to apologise to Tasha by producers.

Luca and Dami have been accused of 'bullying' Tasha ©ITV Pictures

One Twitter user wrote, “The producers definitely told Luca and Dami that it’s giving bullying.”

Another tweeted, “Dami and Luca have 100% been told by the producers to apologise to Tasha. It’s giving me 'miss says I need to say sorry' vibes,” while a third commented, “Convinced the Love Island producers told Luca and Dami to apologise to Tasha.”

Even reality TV veteran Charlotte Crosby weighed in on the matter, telling her followers, “Done reality tv for 12 years and witnessed many a producer have to step in and basically tell some1 what they NEED to say or do to avoid even more negative backlash from the public. I was more disappointed it was so obvious that it didn’t seem genuine.”

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But dumped Casa Amor bombshell Coco Lodge defended Luca and Dami on her Instagram Stories and insisted that their apologies were genuine. When one of her followers told her, “Luca and Dami only apologised to Tasha because producers told them to,” she replied, “To be honest, I don’t agree with this.

“Producers don’t really get involved like that. They wouldn’t have told Luca and Dami to apologise. They would have done that their own back.”

Love Island representatives have been contacted for comment.

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