Take Me Out’s Robyn and Stuart become SEVENTH couple to marry from the show!


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Robyn and Stuart Smith are now the seventh couple to marry after meeting on ITV's Take Me Out

You're pretty much always guaranteed a laugh when you watch Take Me Out - it's such a light-hearted, fun, entertaining show.

Viewers don't tend to take it all that seriously as it is such a laugh and it all seems so distant.

And that's what was was going through Robyn Smith's mind when she applied to go on - it's a laugh, it's fun, it's not serious.

Robyn from Essex met Stuart from Bristol on the show in 2013 (Credit: Instagram/ Robyn Smith) ©Instagram/ Robyn Smith

Four years after her stint on the show, and she's settling into married life with her husband, Stuart - AKA, her date from the show.

Robyn, from Essex, applied to the show on her lunch break one day as a bit of fun after being single for a while.

Speaking to Closer Online, she said: "The idea just popped into my head, so I looked on the website and they were taking applications for the next series. I thought, 'What the hell!'"

She had a call two days later for a phone interview with show bosses, then a week later she was in London for an audition - then pretty much the next day, she received a call saying she was shortlisted for the show!

She said: "I didn't really think much of it and just thought it was a really fun day. I met lots of chatty, cool girls from all different walks of life. It all happened really quickly but I just took it in my stride."

Robyn didn't think Stuart was going to pick her (Credit: ITV/ Take Me Out) ©ITV/ Take Me Out

Robyn really did take it in her stride, not taking it too seriously at any point in the process: "I know it's a dating show, but I didn't even go on the show to meet anybody, I'm not going to lie about it!

"I didn't even think I'd get a date - I didn't even pack properly for Fernando's because I really didn't think it was going to happen! I didn't even take a travel plug!"

Robyn's 25th birthday fell on one of the days of filming back in 2013, and the other girls were convinced it would be a lucky charm for her: "It was another girl's birthday the day before and she didn't get a date, so I wasn't sure!"

But when she first clapped eyes on Stuart, she started to think maybe they had been right: "I thought he seemed a really nice and genuine chap - I thought, 'Actually, I'm going to keep my light on!'

"I thought he was really good-looking and came across really genuine and quite shy. He seemed quite normal and was a very good-looking guy, and then lo and behold – he picked me!

"I was really surprised, and I remember – this is so cringey – but I even said to him, 'Thank you so much, it's my birthday!' I didn't know what else to say, I was in shock!"

The couple got married on Good Friday last month (Credit: Cotswold Pictures Wedding Photography) ©Cotswold Pictures Wedding Photography

Robyn then became quite bashful, adding: "But there were a lot of pretty girls on there so I wasn't thinking much of it, I kept my light on to see what would happen and go with the flow.

"I've seen it so many times before – the amount of times you watch it and you think the guy is going to pick one girl because there's been a lot of interaction, but then they pick someone completely different!"

Before she knew it, she was on her way to the Isle of Fernando's with Stuart. However, Robyn decided to stay quite realistic about their prospects, as she was living in Essex and he three hours away in Bristol: "I was keen to get to know him a bit more and see what happened, but at the back of my mind I was thinking about the distance so I was trying not to get my hopes up too much.

"But he was really chatty, gentlemanly and honest, we had lots in common, and he was really easy to talk to. There were no awkward silences, the conversation flowed and we just had a really successful date."

They had 130 guests at the wedding, which was at Orchardleigh House in Somerset (Credit: Cotswold Pictures Wedding Photography) ©Cotswold Pictures Wedding Photography

Robyn added that she felt bad about staying so coy in the interview afterwards: "Nine times out of 10, the girl will go, 'I really like him!' and the guy says, 'Nah, she's a bit annoying, not really my type'.

"So I was playing it quite cool and being a bit coy, I didn't really want to give too much away. Watching it back, he gave away even more than I did! He even used the word 'astonishing'!"

They stayed in touch after they returned from Fernando's, and the three-hour distance didn't really make a difference to them: "We coped really well with the distance. I think because we genuinely did like each other, we both made the effort. Any opportunity that we could see each other, we did. So when people say long distance relationships can't work, I think that's a lie because you can make it work if you really want to."

They moved in together two years ago to the South West, and on Christmas Day 2015, Stuart proposed: "He did it in front of my mum, dad and sister at our flat – we were toasting our first Christmas dinner, so I literally had no idea. He just got down on one knee and proposed.

"He wanted to do it in front of my family because he felt a bit guilty that he'd sort of taken me away from them and I've started a new life here with him, so he wanted to get them involved. My sister even helped him pick the ring!"

Robyn and Stuart have now been together for four years (Credit: Instagram/ Robyn Smith) ©Instagram/ Robyn Smith

The couple spent the last year planning their wedding, which took place on Good Friday at Orchardleigh House in Somerset. They had a wedding party of 130, which Robyn described as a "mammoth task to organise". She said: "It was the best day ever, the best day of our lives. We jetted off to the Maldives on Easter Sunday for two weeks and had the most amazing honeymoon – it was the trip of a lifetime."

And whilst the couple are keen to expand their family, they're going to wait a bit: "At some point we would like to have children – hopefully in the future! Not right this minute, but hopefully soon. There was so much to do with the wedding so it's nice to chill out and getting back to normal life."

Despite the fact that Stuart was "forced" into appearing on the show by his family - his step-sisters applied on his behalf - he said it's the "best thing he's ever done, because otherwise he wouldn't have met Robyn."


Robyn added: "Without the show, there's no way we would ever have met each other since we lived three hours apart, so we owe a massive thank you to the show for that.

"I absolutely loved my time on Take Me Out, it was the best experience ever!"

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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