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Take Me Out fans, you'll DEFINITELY want to check out these surprising behind-the-scenes facts and secrets

No likey, no lighty - it's one of the UK's favourite dating shows!

After Blind Date left a hole in our Saturday nights, ITV stepped in with this absolutely classic fronted by none other than the loveable and sexy (no? just me?) Paddy McGuinness.

But what do we REALLY know about ITV's Take Me Out? What's Take Me Out REALLY like? Here's all the behind-the-scenes secrets - and some seriously surprising show facts.

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1) They DO have rehearsals

Yup, actual rehearsals, to ensure the live show (foiled in front of a studio audience) goes without a hitch. The rehearsal kicks off at 4pm, the main show at around 7pm.

2) ...But the dates are still "blind"

To ensure that the girls don't see the guys (or, as Paddy might say, the sausage doesn't see the mustard!) before they come down in that lift, the show uses stand-ins to pretend to be the man. This will usually be a member of the production team.

3) The men DO choose their song

Yes, they're asked to email the production team with a song they think will impress the girls - or at least sum up their personality.

4) The girls get their makeup done for them

Yup, the girls get their makeup done by a professional - and it usually takes just under two hours to get each woman ready for the show. That's a LOT of hairspray and fake lashes!

5) The girls have to bring 10 outfits with them

The girls are expected to bring 10 outfits with them, as well as at least one pair of black shoes and one pair of nude shoes. This is to ensure that they dress differently for each 'episode filmed' - although the wardrobe department still supply a lot of extra outfits, just in case two girls turn up wearing the same thing.

6) Men and women are kept separate

Men and women have different holding areas, filled with magazines, snacks, and Wi-Fi, to keep them relaxed before the show kicks off. This is, again, to ensure they NEVER see each other before the show.

7) ...Even after they've selected one another

Yup, they may leave the set holding hands, but they are separated once they head backstage; their reunion in Fernando's is pretty genuine!

8) It's a VERY long day

Most contestants will be there from 10am until 10pm every day for two weeks or so, filming up to three episodes at a time. The girls are expected to stand behind their podiums for the majority of the day, but Paddy is reportedly only on set for ten to fifteen minutes at a time.

9) Girls share dressing rooms

There are eight dressing rooms, so three or four girls will tend to share a dressing room - which makes for a lot of fun and friendships!

10) The shows aren't scripted

Despite claims to the contrary, Take Me Out insist that the shows are NOT scripted - and kept as authentic as possible. Which means that, yes, girls often have to think up their answers and one-liners on the spot.

They said: "We strongly refute any claims that we tell any contestant how to act or respond.

"We do not encourage contestants to drink alcohol and turning a light on or off is entirely up to individual choice."

11) But they are warned if someone isn't their type

Speaking to The Debrief, a former contestant explained: "When they have the break before each guy comes down the love lift they'd tell us if they thought he would suit any of us or warn us if he was going to be a bit different.

"We got told to be very open minded though and you couldn't just turn your light off because someone wasn't your usual type or was a bit short or whatever. You were only meant to turn your light off if there was a real reason so that was quite hard."

Paddy shows off backstage at the Take Me Out studios (Credit: Instagram/ Paddy McGuinness) ©Instagram/ Paddy McGuinness

12) The boys work with a choreographer

Oh yes, those dance moves and lift moves are PLANNED beforehand!

13) A lot of it ends up on the cutting room floor

Paddy will ask each girl six or seven questions per show, but only one or two will end up on the show.

14) It's a VERY quick turnaround

Girls take a packed suitcase with them to each show, because if they're selected, they're flown off to the Isle of Fernando's the very next morning at 3am. Yikes.

15) The Isle of Fernando's isn't real

This is a HORRID secret reveal. Sob. You LIED to us, Paddy McGuinness - the Isle of Fernando's is actually plain old Tenerife. Although, yeah, that's actually still a really nice destination for a first date!

16) The dates sleep in separate rooms

Yup, it's all very prim and proper on the Isle of Fernando's!

17) What happens after THAT date on the Isle of Fernando's?

Well, all three couples head out there together, so they all tend to have fun together afterwards. And they're expected to fly home with their match, even if they didn't get along. Eep.

18) The girls stay in touch

They all stay in the same hotel while they're filming, so it's natural they make friends - so much so that they've even created a WhatsApp group to keep in touch after filming wraps up!

19) There are a lot of success stories

There have been seven engagements, seven weddings, and two babies thanks to Take Me Out.

Robyn and Stuart became the seventh couple to marry on the show (Credit: ITV/ Take Me Out) ©ITV/ Take Me Out

20) You CAN apply to be on the show

Here's how to apply: just fill in this application form for your chance to find romance on the sunny island of Fernandos. It will ask you about nicknames, your achievements, your body specs, and whether or not any of your family members are single. You know, just in case.

21) What happens after you fill in the Take Me Out application form?

You go to an audition, then fill in another form, then take part in a five-minute interview (with Paddy and the producers), and take part in a mini-version of the show. You usually get sent another questionnaire and THEN you'll find out if you've made the cut. Phew!

22) Yes, you get to meet Paddy McGuinness before filming begins!

Yup, Paddy's banter with the ladies IS real - he tends to spend time with them to a) ease their nerves, and b) gauge their personalities.

When is Take Me Out back on TV?

This series doesn't have an official air date as yet, since they're still taking applications for entrants! To apply, fill out this form.

Would you ever apply to go on ITV's Take Me Out? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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