Beckie and Adam from Take Me Out are getting MARRIED tomorrow! Yay!


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Beckie Finch and Adam Ryan from last series' Take Me Out are getting MARRIED tomorrow - congratulations!

We know it's hard to immediately bring to mind people from past Take Me Out episodes gone by with only their first names for reference.

But we feel pretty sure you'll remember Beckie and Adam from series six - she had pink hair and he has a rather distinctive (read: strangely handsome) face.

Although they didn't go to Fernando's together, they hit it off after their separate dates on the famous Isle.

Beckie and Adam now live together in Surrey (Credit: Instagram/ Beckie Finch) ©Instagram/ Beckie Finch

Speaking to New! magazine in February, hairdresser Beckie explained that she'd gone on Take Me Out for a "bit of fun" after styling her hair one day, who'd persuaded her to go on the show.

She said: "I couldn't believe it when Adam came down in the famous love lift. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was love at first sight.

"It's strange, because Adam isn't what I'd usually go for - he's all plucked eyebrows and fake tan, while I'm a rock chick. But the connection was instant."

You may remember Beckie's pink hair on the show (Credit: ITV/ Take Me Out) ©ITV/ Take Me Out

Beckie described how she'd been "heartbroken" when he turned her light off and took another girl named Laura to Fernando's and tried to "put him out of her mind" when she got picked by a lad named James.

But sneaky Adam added her on Facebook whilst she was actually getting ready for her own date on Fernando's - bad timing or serendipity?!

She messaged him saying: "I'm not over my rejection yet," and when he responded with: "I'm a great agony aunt," she said her "heart raced with excitement."

Cheeky chappy Adam left Beckie devastated when he picked someone else (Credit: ITV/ Take Me Out) ©ITV/ Take Me Out

James did not light Beckie's fire, and Laura and Adam didn't hit it off either, but Adam and Beckie began messaging constantly and they soon went on a date in London.

Adam took Beckie to a "gorgeous" bar in Mayfair and then to see The Play That Goes Wrong on the West End. She said: "I spent the night beaming, feeling we were such a great match."

They bonded over their strange love of dipping McDonald's chips in strawberry milkshakes which they went and did after the show. She said: "I knew it was love there and then!"

They've even got a little puppy too (Credit: Instagram/ Beckie Finch) ©Instagram/ Beckie Finch

Beckie explained that Adam surprised her with another trip to London six months later to see the same show - but with a twist.

The actors pulled them both onto the stage at the end, and asked Adam if there was "something you have to say to Beckie?"


Have you ever heard anything more romantic!?

They were even recently reunited with their cupid - Paddy McGuiness! (Credit: Instagram/ Beckie Finch) ©Instagram/ Beckie Finch

They're getting married TOMORROW at the same church that her parents got married in - but apparently Paddy McGuinness isn't planning to make an appearance. Boo!

She said: "Going on Take Me Out was supposed to be a bit of fun, but it ended up much more than I could even have imagined."

Adam added: "Beckie is funny, cool, beautiful, hard-working, honest, sassy, positive, intelligent, down to earth and family-oriented. She is everything I could ask for in a wife and more. I'm so pleased we came together, albeit in an unusual way."

Pass us the tissues... N'aww!

The couple are getting married tomorrow (Credit: Instagram/ Beckie Finch) ©Instagram/ Beckie Finch

Here's a clip from Adam on the show being a bit gross but we'll forgive him.

And here's Beckie's summing up of her date with James.

Did you and your other half meet in an unconventional way? We'd love to hear your story - get in touch by emailing us or on Facebook and Twitter.

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