JUSTICE OR PRISON? Anna’s trial begins in Corrie. Is she going down?

Coronation Street

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Anna is up in court accused of attempted murder. Will the innocent mum be found guilty of a crime she didn’t commit?

Poor Anna is fighting for her freedom next week as she stands trial for attempted murder and shoving Seb off a ladder….a crime we all know she DIDN’T commit but what will judge and jury make of the evidence?

Scheming Scouser Phelan’s plot to frame her has worked an absolute treat and right now we’re not holding out much hope for the frightened Windass mum currently languishing behind bars.

Coroanation Street
Anna has to watch in silence as scheming Phelan gives evidence against her ©ITV

The one person who could fight her case and make a great defence witness is Seb himself, but sadly Phelan’s young apprentice has done a vanishing act after being scared to death by Eileen’s intimidating other half.

Coronation Street
Gary tracks down Seb and urges him to give evidence in court ©ITV

Anna’s son Gary manages to track him down and pleads with Seb to help his mum and even resorts to drastic measures by locking him in Tim’s cab until he agrees to go to court. Hmm. Not sure those tactics will work Gazza!

Meanwhile gullible Eileen, who’s had a wobble over her shady hubby’s antics becomes more convinced this week that he’s as pure as the driven snow after chatting to Alya. If only she knew…she’s sharing a bed with a MURDERER. Wake up Eileen!!

Coronation Street
Eileen visits Anna in prison but becomes more convinced her hubby is innocent ©ITV

As the court case gets underway Phelan is first up in the witness box and puts in an award-winning performance as he tries to convince judge and jury that lovely Anna is a callous, cold-hearted woman capable of bumping off a teenage boy.

Coronation Street
Phelan plays a blinder as he gives evidence in court ©ITV

Next up is Seb, who following Gary’s heavy-handed kidnap tactic DOES show his face in court. But as the trembling teen begins to give his version of events will fear get the better of him and will he be too terrified to cross Phelan?

Coronation Street
Is Anna going down for a crime she didn't commit? ©ITV

As the trial continues, Anna’s hopes of justice start to fade. NOOOOO! Is Faye’s mum looking at a hefty sentence for a crime she hasn’t committed? Please don’t let it be so…

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