FAREWELL ABI? Can Max let his dying daughter go in EastEnders?


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Overwhelmed with guilt, Max fights to keep Abi alive

Ever since her terrible plunge from the roof of The Vic, Abi has been on life support and a broken Max knows it’s all his fault.

The guilt-laden dad is overwhelmed next week when doctors break the news that there’s nothing more they can do for his beloved girl and it’s time to switch off her ventilator.

The overwhelmed dad can't accept that Abi's ventilator is going to be switched off ©BBC

But Max isn’t having it and puts up a fight. Despite knowing that Abi, who’s now mum to a baby girl, has been left brain-dead by her terrible injuries, he’s adamant there must be more the medics can do.

Before long, and with his desperation peaking, the Branning dad gets into fiery confrontation at Walford General Hospital as he berates the staff for giving up on his girl.

Distraught daughter Lauren, who also fell from the roof that fateful night when trying to stop Max from committing suicide, pleads with her dad to stand down.

A devastated Lauren is already grieving for her little sis ©BBC

But it’s a nurse who finally gets through to him when she shares a personal experience from her own past that makes him see there really is nothing more he can do.

With Max rapidly unravelling and still unable to accept that he’s about to lose Abi for good, he returns to the Square where, with terrible timing, he discovers a cot that his dying daughter ordered, has been delivered.

Max sets to work building a cot for Abi's baby girl ©BBC

The overwhelmed dad, throws himself into manically constructing the flat-pack item insisting Abi will need it when she wakes up, but later on he cracks and overcome with grief, he starts destroying it before breaking down in his brother Jack’s arms.

Max breaks down in his brother Jack's arms ©BBC

Meanwhile a devastated Dot returns to Walford after a lengthy stay away. Will she be able to support Max through his worst nightmare?

Dot attempts to support Max ©BBC

As big sister Lauren, who’s bit by bit making a slow recovery, braces herself to say goodbye to Abi forever, will Max be able to accept that his little girl’s life is over? We're bracing ourselves for one INCREDIBLY weepy week in Walford.....

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