BABY BOMBSHELL! Which Corrie fave is STUNNED to discover she’s expecting?

Coronation Street

by Tess Lamacraft |
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Eva is shell-shocked to learn she’s expecting the patter of tiny feet. The big question is: Who’s the daddy? Adam or her ex Aidan?

Well would you believe it! It wasn’t so very long ago that Eva The Diva put in an Oscar- worthy performance for not weeks but MONTHS, by pretending she was up the duff. Well folks, now she really is!

But what terrible timing. The dumb-founded barmaid is stunned when she does a pregnancy test and discovers she’s expecting a little one.

The drama unfolds when Eva, who previously faked being pregnant as payback on her cheating love rate fiancé Aidan,starts feeling queasy and generally knackered.

She offloads on Shona who starts googling possible ailments, (never a good idea), but when Shona starts to think maybe her mate could be pregnant, Eva is knocked for six when she does a test and it’s positive. Uh oh!

Coronation Street
Eva and Shona discuss the pregnancy bombshell ©ITV

Talking about the baby bombshell, Catherine Tyldesley who plays her says, “Twelve months ago she’d have given anything to settle down and have babies, but after all that’s gone on, this is the worst thing that could have happened.”

But the shocks keep rolling when Eva goes for a scan and discovers she’s actually 17 weeks gone! Which also casts a cloudy vagueness over who the daddy is. Whoops.

Could it be Aidan who Eva slept with the night before their car crash disaster of a wedding day, or could it be glossy-haired Adam, who she hopped into bed with in the wake of her messy split?

As a worried Eva worries about the possibilities and what she should do, she becomes increasingly convinced she should have a termination.

“After Eva has discussed her situation with her doctor, she thinks that a termination is the only way out of this situation”, says Catherine. “All she’s ever really wanted is to meet her Prince Charming, settle down and have a family. Unfortunately she feels stuck with no way out.”

Coronation Street
All Eva wanted was to marry the love her life, Aidan, and have kids ©ITV

She contemplates confiding in her sister, Leanne, but poor Lea has got her hands full with her increasingly wayward offspring, step-son Simon, who has recently taken to peddling voddie at school. Hmm.

Feeling alone, lost and conflicted will Eva really go through with a termination, and who is she convinced the father is?

What do you think Eva will do and who do you think the dad is: Adam or Aidan? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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