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Leela Lomax DS Armstrong Hollyoaks

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With a stalker and a murderer apparently on the loose in Hollyoaks right now, the village isn't a safe place to be. Read on for three shocking spoilers...

So, there's a murderer AND a psycho stalker on the loose in Hollyoaks at the moment. Thank goodness for the police, right?? Hmm...maybe not DS Armstrong. The village is still reeling from the shock death of Amy Barnes next week, and grieving Ryan finds out something shocking.

1. Zack comforts Leela

Leela Lomax DS Armstrong Hollyoaks
DS Armstrong arrives at Leela's (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Leela finds comfort with Zack after struggling with Amy's death. They are about to kiss when DS Amrstrong knocks on the door - he's been watching them get closer via his stalker cam and is hella jealous. Feeling awkward, Zack leaves. Later, Leela finds the word 'SLUT' written across her wall, the stalker has been in the house! She goes to the police station and something Armstrong says rings alarm bells for Ryan...

2. Peri meets her match

Peri Hollyoaks
Has Peri met her match? (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

New girl Yasmine arrives at Hollyoaks High and wants to know more about Peri's family. Peri is furious when Yasmine posts stuff online about her murderous family, but soon plays the newcomer at her own game. Yasmine is summoned to the head's office, but it's Peri waiting there with a trick up her sleeve.

3. Is it all over for Maxine and Adam?

Maxine Hollyoaks
Has Maxine lost Adam for good? (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Adam wants to keep away from Darcy but she offers to help him in the salon when he's short-staffed. Maxine is heartbroken when she sees them together and is convinced she's lost Adam. She later overhears Darcy telling someone she loves them on the phone. But who? Later Maxine is stunned when she hears that Minnie needs an urgent operation but keeps the news to herself, convinced that Adam has chosen Darcy over her.

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