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Aron Dingle Emmerdale

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Emmerdale fans brace yourselves - it's another big week in the village - here's all the spoilers you need

Emmerdale is properly on fire (not literally, for once) at the moment and things don't look like they'll be settling down any time soon. Things aren't looking good for Ashley and Laurel has to face up to some absolutely devastating news. The villagers rally round her, but prepare yourself for some mega sad scenes. Sob. It's not all bad news though as a familiar face returns to the village.

1. The End of Ashley's journey

Laurel Doug Emmerdale
Laurel and Doug receive some devastating news (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Poor Laurel is desperately hoping that Ashley will make a recovery, but her world comes crashing down when she and Doug and told to prepare themselves for the worst. Laurel decides that, as he's not going to recover, she will bring him home to his own surroundings. She also has the heart-breaking task of telling Gabby and Arthur that their dad isn't going to pull through. Laurel invites all of Ashley's friends over, but this upsets Gabby who just wants some time alone with her dad - will she get it before it's too late? Make sure you have a huge box of tissues ready, because this is going to get totes emosh.

2. Aaron's out of prison

Aron Dingle Emmerdale
Will Aaron find out the truth? (credit: ITV) ©ITV

It's not all sadness - Aaron Dingle makes his return to the village after his time in prison. But Robert's nervous ahead of his release - not surprising after what he got up to with Rebecca - and Aaron is battling his own demons after what happened to him in prison. Aaron is overwhelmed when his friends arrange a surprise party for his return, but Robert is anxious when Rebecca turns up. He gets even more anxious when he clocks her talking to Aaron. Will she spill the beans about their night together?

3. Vanessa wants to expose Pierce

Vanessa Pierce Emmerdale
Vanessa catches Pierce out (credit: ITV) ©ITV

It's probably fair to say that Vanessa isn't Pierce's biggest fan. He goes down even further in her estimations when she learns that Rhona has asked Carly to be her maid of honour - even after they agree to put the conflict of the sex tape behind them. Vanessa rants to Paddy, who advises her to put her friendship with Rhona first. She agrees and heads over to make peace with Rhona. But when she arrives the spots Pierce watching the sex tape on his laptop. He obviously has been lying about deleting it and Vanessa is determined to expose him...

4. Faith and Moira

Cain Debbie Faith Dingle Emmerdale
Will Cain come round to Faith? (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Faith helps out of the farm and confides in Moira. Cain's shocked when he learns that Faith intends to stand in for Debbie when she takes time off work to look after Sarah. Moira suggests that Cain actually takes some time to get to know his mother - and that he could start by speaking to Chas about it. Will anyone thank her for her interference? Don't count on it...

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