Coronation Street Spoiler: Amy Barlow tried to kill Ken?

Amy Barlow Coronation Street

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According to Coronation Street bosses, there are six main suspects in the Who Pushed Kensaga. But a new fan theory thinks they are missing someone out - Amy Barlow!

Coronation Street fans had a shock this week when Ken Barlow was attacked in his own home - and left for dead at the bottom of the stairs. In Wednesday night's episode it was revealed that the police were launching an attempted murder investigation, as Ken's nearest and dearest discovered that he'd been hit on the head before being shoved.

Amy Barlow Coronation Street
Did Amy try to kill Ken? (credit: ITV*) ©ITV

The finger of suspicion (at least in the police's eyes) is pointing very firmly at Adam Barlow, who lied about returning to Canada. He has a pretty strong motive after Ken destroyed money meant for scary drug dealer, Ronan, and was given a severe beating himself.

But fans think that this is just too simple to be true - and that Corrie is taking a leaf out of EastEnders WhoDunit Handbook, by setting up a kid.

Amy Barlow Coronation Street
We've seen her be shifty (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Twitter users speculated about it being Amy who gave Ken the (not quite fatal) shove.

One fan even thinks they've discovered what Amy used to whack Ken on the bonce!

Viewers recently saw Amy pull the wool over Ken's eyes when she conned £200 out of her granddad to give Adam, which she then hid in the house. So we know she can be sneaky. She's also been secretly calling Adam, even though the rest of the Barlow clan believed he had fled to Canada.

Amy has motive to try to off Ken after overhearing him slag off his life with her grandma Deirdre. And don't forget she's murderer Tracy Barlow's daughter. Maybe the apple really didn't fall very far from the tree.

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