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We love our second helping of Hollyoaks Spoilers for the week. What a way to start the weekend

It's fair to say that it's been quite the week in Hollyoaks, what with Amy Barnes dying, Ste confessing to killing her and all that stuff. But don't think for one minute that things are going to calm down for the villagers next week. Because, well, they're not. Read on for our cheeky FriYAY spoilers...

1. Adam Donovan discovers he has a son!

Adam Donovan Hollyoaks
Adam meets his son, Toby (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Well, Maxine won't be happy when she finds out that Adam's ex, Darcy, confesses they have a son together. The shock revelation comes after Adam rushes to Maxine’s side when her daughter has an operation and finally breaks the news to Darcy that he’s chosen Maxine over her. Annoyed, Darcy says he has a responsibility to her too because he has their child. Adam and Maxine wonder whether Darcy is telling the truth, until they see four-year-old Toby with her in the village. Will this change Adam’s decision to stay with Maxine?

Darcy Toby and Adam Hollyoaks
Darcy introduces Toby to Adam (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Jimmy Essex, who plays Adam, says of the shock reveal: "“I think he loves the idea of having a child so it’s making Darcy this whole package now. She’s his first love now he has a child with her – it’s a family.

“[he should be with] Maxine. I think you should never go back; it’s a silly thing to do. It’s all about onwards and upwards… he just wants to make the right decision, get married and live happily ever after. But again he knows for this to happen he will have to upset someone.”

2. Leela Lomax sleeps with her stalker

Leela and Zack Hollyoaks
Leela gets too close to Zack for Armstrong's liking (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

DS Armstrong gets one over on Zack when he uses his creepy stalker cam, to interecept a kiss between the teen and Leela. Zack is comforting Leela, who's struggling to cope with Amy's death, when Armstrong comes to the door. Feeling awkward, Zack leaves and Leela ends up sleeping with Armstrong! But it's not long before someone in the village is finally on to him....

Could Leela's stalking nightmare soon be over?

3. Liam Donovan and Courtney Campbell grow close

Courtney Campbell Hollyoaks
C*ourtney catches Liam's eye (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Tegan is keen to get jiggy with Liam again, but her efforts go unnoticed when Courtney, who's trying to help Tegan, ends up endearing herself to Liam instead and they end up sleeping together. Will this cause a family rift between Tegan and Courtney? And does this mean that Liam is finally over Eva?

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